Top 100 CISO Awards, 2014 India Highlights

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Top 100 CISO Awards, 2014 Highlights

4th Top 100 CISO Awards, 2014

The 4th year of “Top 100 CISO Award” @ Agra, last week saw over 240 CISOs for over 3 days making the grand celebration a huge success and the biggest ever Awards for the Information Security Executives of India. Here are the highlights of the grand event having some very great keynotes, fascinating Turbo sessions and some of most fascinating international entertainment.

Top Keynotes

Keynotes strike the chord of every professional conference. It saw the security leaders all over the world talk security.

  • Role of a CISO: Creating self evaluation metrics by Felix Mohan
  • How to build your professional brand: A guide for CISO by Adityanath Jha
    (CEO-Crayon Pictures , Formal Global Head of Branding-Infosys )
  • Security Trends and Landscape in Europe by Don Lee(MD-nRuns)
  • Sneak Peek into the future: A glimpse into the top security researches in the top global academia
    by Prof. Indranil Sengupta(IIT Kharagpur)


Top Turbo Sessions

TED-style talks briefed how vendors look to evolving next step security products. It pushed new infosec avenues and path to future infosec concerns.

  • Believe it or not: Recent Security discoveries that shook the world
  • Inside the world of Elliptic Key Cryptography
  • How the sound of your CPU can reveal your Cryptographic Key: The amazing world of side channel attacks
  • Under the Hood: Strategies and Tactics used by NSA
  • Into a malware for 180 days: Deep into a malware
  • Hacking Internet of Things: Cars, Aircrafts, UAV, TV and more
  • Silent SMS: How I know where you were yesterday?
  • Is NSA Planting back-doors in security products? 


This year out of 396 nominations the most talented and the finest CISOs were awarded at the "4th Top 100 CISO Awards" at the gala awards ceremony .

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Meeting Sachin Tendulkar

Meeting Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing legend in association with Kaspersky and Vmware.

  • Three lucky CISOs got to meet Sachin Tendulkar
  • Ten lucky CISOs awarded Sachin signed mini bats

Spouse Program

After several "wow replies" on having your spouse at the awards ceremony we decided to invite your spouse for the special 4th "Top 100 CISO Awards". After all nothing is complete without our "better half".

  • Separate spouse program 
  • Kalakriti and Akbar International
  • Shopping at Sadar Bazaar
  • Special Taj Mahal trip with your spouse

Amazing 3D Lazer Show

A dark magical illusion, where physics knows no boundaries, light knows no bound. It is said 'Lazer show' concept was discovered by a computer engineer interested in science fiction and electronics. How amazingly light can bent, restored or recovered.

  • Lazer beams manipulated as solid objects
  • 3D Evolution of 'Lazer Man Experience'
  • Complex 3D volumetric effects
  • Stunning Logo Reveal

International Dance Performance

A group of international performers rocked the stage with-

  • Can can dance from Paris
  • Flamenco from Spain

UltraViolet Show

Some unique UV acts cast a spell

  • LED Tron Act
  • UV Skeleton dance
  • UV Skel Game Act
  • Michael Jackson Act

Taj Visit

The Wonder of world in the hues of the rising sun, true bliss

  • Sunrise at Taj
  • Special visit to taj with spouse

Photo Links

Find exclusive capture of the event in following links

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