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Data Security: The Next Big Security Focus in India ?

Data explosion and advent of big data are phenomena, which are a result of economic development of

nations and increase in digital footprint of organizations.With more and more devices getting connected to the core business enterprise network, in order to serve the need of anytime-anywhere information access and growing traction of bring your own device (BYOD) in the corporate culture; all contributing to the era of ‘big data’.…


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Tips for Vendor Management

One of the most important functionality which we do in our day to day work is Vendor Management,or should I say how to do it effectively. Here are a few tips which I would recommend and if needed you can add as well:

1.Always do a thorough check of the Vendor project's, background,or have cross reference check through a reliable source before assigning a…


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BYOD Security

Does anybody succesfully implemented any BYOD Security Policy in his/her organization? Can he / she share the implemented policy and methodology / techniques / technology and challenges he / she faced ?

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Top Security Threats 2013

Keeping current with the latest threat trends can improve the effectiveness of existing security solutions as it helps to identify and prioritize security gaps that may require new approaches and more innovative strategies.


Key Findings:

  • Web Security - The web became significantly more malicious…

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5 of the most famous and all time favourite white hat hackers!!!

White Hat Hackers

Hackers that use their skills for good are classified as "white hat." These white hats often work as certified "…


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Top 5 things a CISO should evaluate to benchmark an IAM solution

Organizations across industry verticals shall adopt IAM as it has become the need of the hour.However IAM solution may not be able to address some of the requirements, due to limitations in the features it supports or lack of flexibility to customize.Here are the Top 5 things a CISO should…


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Interview Series: Security Professional's Guide to Identity & Access management

Saurabh Kaushik,Sr Manager Information Security, Lupin Pharma, talks to CISO Platform on the biggest drivers and barriers of IAM adoption and the top challenges a CISO/organization can face while adopting IAM.

How important is IAM? Why should organizations adopt it?

Identity and Access Management is an integrated set of processes,…


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Changing Landscape of IT Security. How should a CISO prepare for the battle?

We have developed the myth that technology can be an effective fortress – We can have security.

Traditional focus on:

  • Better Firewalls
  • Boundary Intrusion Detection
  • Critical Offsite Capacity…

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Gartner Predicts 2013 Local Briefing – Bangalore 8th Feb 2013

Top 10 predictions for 2013 and beyond - Gartner

Top 10 predictions for 2013 and beyond - Gartner Gartner's top predictions for 2013 focus on opportunities, economic risks and innovations that will force CIOs to move to the next generation of business-driven solutions."The priorities of CEOs must be dealt with by CIOs who exist in a…


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How MIT website got hacked despite having any vulnerability ?

MIT got hacked.Anonymous defaced the MIT to protest against the case of “Aaron Swartz”.

Without getting into who really hacked or the “cause” behind the protest, I just wanted to dissect it as an interesting case of multi-stage attack which proves that just securing your application is not good enough.…


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Leadership...what we know but miss out often !

Leadership what we know but miss out often ! Getting your mind trained as a leader
  • You are the sole person responsible for your success or failure.
  • There is no excuse for any failure. A failure is a failure. Accept it gracefully. Learn from your mistakes. It is real failure when you do not accept and learn from it OR you give…

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7 Steps to stress free management

I am writing below a very actionable and minimalistic approach to stress free management.7 Steps to stress free management
A few goals which I had in my mind while writing it down was as follows:
  • Simple and Easy to adopt
  • Minimalistic i.e. you cannot drop anything out of these steps to really manage your stress effectively
  • Something I follow…

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Java Zero Day with no patches: Quick fixes to protect!

What is the vulnerability?
The new Java vulnerability with no patch has become the talk of the town. The vulnerability in Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 allows an applet to call setSecurityManager in a way that allows setting of arbitrary permissions.
Note: This is a vulnerability in Java and not Javascript.

(


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Is it CISO responsibility to take care of secure cording

Is CISO responsible for secure cording or it should be handled by quality fuction.

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5 famous all time favourite white hat hackers!!!

White Hat Hackers

White Hat Hackers

Hackers that use their skills for good are classified as white hat. These white hats often work as certified Ethical Hackers,
hired by companies to test the integrity of their systems. Others, operate without company permission by bending but not breaking…


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REST APIs and Next Generation Threats: Part 1

Some days back, when I was going through the record breaking statistics of Facebook and its social networking platform’s REST APIs,  I found phrases likePeople on Facebook install 20 million applications every day. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook”. It…


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Anti-Virus… or Door for a hacker?

How hackers can break into your system through anti-virus?
Step 1: Hacker does remote identification of antivirus - Some company Inc is running an antivirus in its mail server. The antivirus checks for every incoming mail for possible virus infection. If the mail is clean, the antivirus passes it and the mail is then forwarded to recipient. Else the mail gets dropped or rejected. The first step of an attacker is to…

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How to have unique passwords for each website and yet remember them easily?


How to have unique passwords for each website and yet remember them easily

LinkedIn got hacked and we heard it. Techradar got hacked and we heard it once more. We all know it. But we don’t do it. We all know that we should have unique passwords for different websites but how do we remember hundreds of them. Here is something that I would suggest. Something simple, easy and it…


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5 Lessons from the LinkedIn Breach

The recent LinkedIn security breach wherein approximately 6.5M user account names and passwords were stolen and published online is not something new. Such incidents are quite common place. Though the exact cause of breach is not known we can definitely point out some obvious flaws like lack of sophisticated security control. In this entry I would like to provide…


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Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) Framework For Product Evaluation

Author - Anil Upadhyay, DM - ITGS, ITSD, Gujarat Gas Limited

We have listed a Key Parameter are required for Security Incident and Event Management and The Framework was attached at the end.

Major Parameters To Consider :…


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