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Sneak Peek Into the Top Talks @ CISO Platform Annual Summit, 2014

Turbo Talks

How the Heartbleed bug was found?

Antti Karjalainen discoverer of Heartbleed

The Heartbleed bug was a catastrophic vulnerability in widely used OpenSSL TLS implementation. This talk will give background how the Heartbleed bug was found by Codenomicon. The…


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Launching Community based "Common Framework for Security Technology Evaluation" @ Annual Summit,2014

Why do we need a common security technology evaluation framework? 

Floating an RFP (Request for Proposal)  or evaluating a new technology for a CISO is a substantial effort. Going through the sea of data  and marketing buzz to judge a vendor and its product is…


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Top Talks from Defcon - The Largest Hacker Conference ( Part 2 )

This is the second compilation of Best Of Defcon 22 at a glance. The following Links will link you to the respective complete PPT. 

Important Note:

  • All presentations are courtesy Defcon and is presented as-is without any modification
  • Some of the descriptions below are taken from Defcon website (
  • You need…

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Top Talks from Defcon - The Largest Hacker Conference ( Part 1 )

Defcon 22, the largest conference for hackers with 15,000 attendees saw some of the most interesting researches in the field of security and hacking. From hundreds of talks, we have handpicked the top presentations which are relevant for security managers and leaders.

Important Note:

  • All presentations are courtesy Defcon and is presented as-is without any modification
  • Some of the…

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Announcing Call for Speakers @ CISO Platform Annual Summit 2014

I am highly excited to tell you the most exciting event and all the buzz of Annual Summit is back ! 

Further more I am more excited because now is the time when we will receive your innovation, those billions of papers and the most exciting hacks of this year. …


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How to Build Your Professional Brand?

Fundamentally we associate branding with bragging ,thus embarrassment. Rather branding is what others think of you, a response to the stimulus you provide. Adityanath Jha(CEO Crayon Pictures, Former Global Head of Branding at infosys) shows a completely different aspect of branding from…


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Actionable Dashboards by Roni H. Amiel

The case for making dashboards; clinical and business; providing real-time and actionable information goes beyond the traditional advantages. Do it right and you get the opportunity to shape the organization from the ground up!!!!

Making Actionable Dashboards 

As we know it - Dashboards are intended to…


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Hardware Trojans: Sneak Peek into the Future

We are safe, checking our software's for fallacy, for hacker's tricks. However we never think that the machine we run could be malicious itself. Their could be havoc if so happened, Prof. Indranil Sengupta(IIT-kgp) enlightens us about such threat and future…


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Firewall Checklist - Top 10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do!

The next-generation firewall is well defined by Gartner as something new and enterprise-focused “incorporating full-stack inspection to support intrusion prevention, application-level inspection and granular policy control” .

Most network security vendors…


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How effective is your SIEM Implementation?

During the last few penetration testing conducted for certain organizations, we have discovered a surprising fact that almost all the SIEM implementation had gaps on the implementation levels. For example, in certain cases, SIEM did not even detect at all when the internal…


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Sound as virus!!! Can a computer virus communicate Via ultrasound signals?

One of the go-to strategies for securing a computer network when a machine is infected with malware is to remove that machine from the network. This effectively prevents the malware from spreading to other devices. This Technique is called ' Air-Gapping ' which isolates the system by introducing air gap and cuts network Connectivity. However, …

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The internet of things (IoT) Embedding itself into everyday items

“Combining the Physical world to the virtual world by connecting the sensors, sensors will be everywhere”. …


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Technology/Solution Guide for Single Sign-On

Top technologies / solutions available for the Single Sign-On are :

1.Common Standard Solutions:

  • The Generic Security Service Application Program Interface GSS-API.
  • OSF Distributed Computing Environment DCE.
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules PAM

 2.Broker-Based SSO Solutions: having one server for central authentication & user account management.                  

  • Kerberos: Trusted Kerberos…

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BYOD Security: From Defining the Requirements to Choosing a Vendor

A CISO need to understand the exact requirement before designing the BYOD domain in the organization. Keeping in mind the exact business need and value add which can be or intended to obtain using this technology.

(Read more:  5 easy ways to build your personal brand !)

Build of solution for BYOD is directly related to business requirement without any compromise to security of information…


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Under the hood of Top 4 BYOD Security Technologies: Pros & Cons

Top technologies / solutions available for BYOD Security:

Task for companies who utilize BYOD is to develop a policy that defines exactly what sensitive company information needs to be protected and which employees should have access to this information, and then to educate all employees on this policy.

Technologies for security of BYOD :

1.     VDI- One popular software-based security method gaining steam in BYOD environments is…


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How Should a CISO choose the right Anti-Malware Technology?

Now this is a very subjective term as “Right” to each is quite different. More so, the subject “Information Security” by itself is quite a dynamic and an evolving term. Here, any measure stick with constant attributes may not provide a true insight for the choice of Technology. However, certain parameters of the selection process can be generalized for operational efficiency.

(


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DDoS Security Checklist


Since the early days of the internet, DDoS had been a favorite weapon of cyber-criminals. Recently there was news about the biggest DDoS attack in history targeted towards Spamhaus, an anti-spam group. The attacks reportedly peaked at 300 Gb/s (gigabits per second) which is way over what had been seen earlier. Modern DDoS attacks are getting obscenely large for even big organizations to handle effectively.

(


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5 Best Practices to secure your Big Data Implementation

Here are the key best practices that organizations need to adopt for securing their Big Data.

 1. Secure your computation code:

  • Proper access control, code signing, auditing should be implemented to secure computation code.
  • Implement a strategy to protect data in presence of an untrusted computation code.

2. Implement comprehensive end-point input validation/filtering:

  • Implement validation and filtering of input…

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Top 5 Big Data Vulnerability Classes

Recently, we were pentesting a Data mining and Analytics company. The amount of data that they talked about is phenomenal and they are planning to move to Big Data. They invited me to write a blog on state of the art, Big Data security concerns and challenges and I happily accepted.

( Read more:  Top 5 Application…


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Concept Note: CISO Platform Index- A Community Based Product Rating Framework

We heavily rely on references while taking a decision on adoption of a new technology or a product. However, there is no dedicated analysis of product leadership purely based on customer recommendation. From CISO Platform technology Analyst team, we are happy to announce the concept note for CISO Index which shall rate products purely based on CISO/User…


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