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Encrypted Ransomware a Digital Era weapon [100 Million people affected], a high Revenue business!!!

The world today is full of unlimited business opportunities. We all operate in digital era to perform business operations (by Connecting people, enterprises, Smart Cities, systems, LOT, Utilities, Smart Grids/Meters, Big Data and Analytics and SMAC across the globe). We follow standard operating procedure defined during Stone Age without giving due diligence on the upcoming threat landscape.


This post is informative in nature and will help people…


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Safeguard Enterprise Data during Employee Separation

Organization scramble to achieve high business growth often overlooked the underlying processes which are the core of any business operation. A manual process to handle employee separation process lead devastating circumstances. Most organization take almost couple of weeks to manage separation process and at times it become unnoticeable for years. There have been cases of data loss, where employees were part of such acts during transition to new job. A report by “Bnet” shows that 45…


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Enterprise security posture needs to align with Identity and Access Management (IAM) Trends

The most important question every CISO or CIO concerns about optimization and efficiency around process with minimal security incident (to make a close to zero). This often leads to comparison with peers on "How are we doing as an organization?”, “What is the next step for us as we build our secure environment using IAM infrastructure?” and “How to develop…


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Rating future Security Services-Cloud ?

Customer in Dilemma with Current Business Trends around security-Every business runs on some basic trust. In today’s digital world, Compliance and standard are the enablers to achieve security along with optimized performance. Every service company has same compliance standards to showcase their capabilities and security mechanism in place. Customers have no clue which company and services to opt for, since…


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Sound as virus!!! Can a computer virus communicate Via ultrasound signals?

One of the go-to strategies for securing a computer network when a machine is infected with malware is to remove that machine from the network. This effectively prevents the malware from spreading to other devices. This Technique is called ' Air-Gapping ' which isolates the system by introducing air gap and cuts network Connectivity. However, …

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Security Technology Marathon (Rise/Fall)

As we see more and more businesses are becoming internet enabled with basic security mechanism in place. The year 2011 was one of the landmark years for high-profile cyber attacks. As the trend is said to continue in 2012 with more sophisticated and targeted attacks, security is a major concern for the IT users of all the segments from Home Users to SMB to Enterprise. Business need to realign security strategies…

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