Hottest Buzzword Trend Analysis from RSA Conference 2015- San Francisco

RSA expo floor is the madness that we love. The fringes are more interesting to me than the center. If you want to spot the new go to the fringes. We tried to have a bit of fun this year by analyzing the buzzwords as seen in the expo floor.

How we did the analysis?

We took hundreds of pics of booths all around the expo floor and tried to do the keyword analysis and find out the most prominent buzz words. We tried to give importance to relative size of the keywords along with frequency. This is not the perfect study but an approximate one. I wanted to get a OCR and automate the process but finally ended up spotting keywords manually. It has it's pros and cons. Cons- I must have missed things. Pros- Anything that is more visible caught my attention...that's what it is supposed to be, isn't it?

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Positive Trending  Buzzwords

Threat/Cyber Intelligence

Just like last year Intelligence maintained it's position as the top most buzzword.

Internet of Things - IOT

IOT is the new kid in the block. The same was true at Defcon. Check out our blog on Defcon learning 

Software Defined

Not yet mainstream buzzword but can be the dark horse in the future.

Downward Trending Buzzwords


APT clearly lost the battle this year. Very few highlighted APT in bold and big. The FUD factor that reigned the world for a few years is now dying out. We are happy that the industry is getting mature. Check out our blog on APT which we published earlier. 

As a Service/On Demand

We spotted less of "On Demand" or "as a Service". It seems that SaaS is becoming so mainstream that it is losing the buzzword status. It is not losing important but becoming so common that people are not highlighting it as much as before.

Other Notable Keywords

Here are some other notable keywords seen at the floor

  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • Phishing
  • Insider Threats
  • DDOS
  • Risk
  • Analytics
  • Passwords/Identity

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