(Key Learning) "Reputation Management, CyberSecurity & Cyber Insurance" @ CISO Platform Annual Summit 2017

At CISO Platform Annual Summit 2017, we had a panel discussion on the topic of Reputation Management, CyberSecurity & Cyber Insurance, including industry stalwart like Subramanya Gupta BodaNa Vijayashankar (Navi.org), Fal Ghancha (Business Information Security Officer, Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd), Lopa Mudra Basu (Global Director IT Risk Operations, Ocwen Financial Solutions), and Satish Kumar Udupi (VP-IT, SLK Software)

Key Learning - Reputation Management, CyberSecurity & Cyber Insurance

  • Enterprises should be prepared to deal with Breach, if it happens. Adequate policy, procedure and standard operating procedure should be in place

  • Enterprise security should adopt design of failure also as one of key design principle

  • All key stakeholders should be trained to handle various breaches

  • Never try to hide a breach, today or tomorrow it will be known

  • Connection between one's reputation whether an individual or an organization or an enterprise and Cybersecurity is profound and persistent.

  • Increased digitization

  • Increased consumerization of IT

  • Enhanced engagement of customers whether it is through tracking of advts., geo targeting like beacons, proximity sensors or visits on digital outlets or physical locations, persistent tracking in the context of ever expanding Cyber Attack surface is deeply threatening the reputation landscape of the entity.

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