Rating future Security Services-Cloud ?

Customer in Dilemma with Current Business Trends around security-Every business runs on some basic trust. In today’s digital world, Compliance and standard are the enablers to achieve security along with optimized performance. Every service company has same compliance standards to showcase their capabilities and security mechanism in place. Customers have no clue which company and services to opt for, since every Service companies are providing security using limited available products.

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Can Security be 5-Star Rated?

Can Security be rated the way Car Manufacture rate their Products - 5Star safety rating? Also, even Other industries(hospitality) rate there services and products like 5Star, 4star. To distinguish service providers would be as easy as buying a new car. While dealing with Customer it gives quantitative value and provides more confidence. 

Future Security Scope

In Near future, do we expect same approach by some Global Security Body(GSB) or by Analyst Firms(Gartner etc.) to define star rating for Security which may be mapped with the compliance standards. I am sure most of you will have some concerns around this thought, but let’s take a scenarios of Cloud based solution which are rising  exponentially. Customer should have some  mechanism to identity and rate service provider based on simple rating…These ratings in turn will be mapped with the Security Infrastructure  hosting the service , like Gateway  security solution, Data Loss Protection, SIEM, Proprietary Encryption and Digital Signature Mechanism, Digital Right Management etc. Also, it won’t be limited to Technology solution; however operational processes need to be aligned as part of compliance standards.

What are your ideas on rating security ? Share your views in the comments below or participate in the discussion here  .

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