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CISO Stress Management Meetup

Addressing Through Mindfulness

Join CISOPlatform for a breakfast, where CISOs gather to discuss the problem of CISO burnout & stress management. A big thank you to FireCompass, a partner in this community meetup.

CISO Informal Meetup
San Francisco
9th May, 2024
Hyatt Regency
San Francisco, California
CISO Informal Meetup
14th May, 2024
Hyatt Regency
Reston, Virginia
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Past Session: CISO Burnout & Stress Management

CISO Burnout Tips

Jim Routh, Former Security Head At J P Morgan Chase
Renee Guttman, Ex CISO at Coca-Cola
Jitendra Joshi, CyberSecurity Director, Grant Thornton LLP

Bikash Barai, Co-founder CISO Platform & FireCompass

  • What Are Some Of The Causes?
  • What Can We Do Better Operationally To Manage Stress Better ?
  • What Can We Do Physchologically ?
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CISO Informal Meetup

Past Talks:

Speakers: Andy Ellis, CISO, Orca Security
Michael Seaman, VP IT, Skopos Financial, Gary Bronson, CIO, Fortium Partners, Bikash Barai, Co-founder CISO Platform & FireCompass.

CISO is an operation extensive role, it gets harder with the rapid evolving vulnerability and solution landscape along with industry-specific skill-gap. CISO burnout is a serious issue and through this discussion, we try to find out the impact of this issue on organizations and individuals.

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