Using a certain DLP vendor, systems have become slow.. DLPs vendors which are better optimised to perform

Once we started using a certain DLP vendor, systems have become slow.. Do you have experience with DLPs which are better optimised to perform even with lesser computational resources?  Also How Good is their support Post Implementation? (question posted on behalf of a member)

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Any DLP will slow down your systems.

You should always have +20% more hardware resources, like CPU, RAM. There is NO single-best solution and everything depends your system architecture, design, hardware and applications you have.

Yes!! I agree with this but, I have also seen one thing that if our systems are up to date it works fine without any issue. I was using Mcafee DLP for almost 5 years it worked fine because i kept all the systems updated everytime. 

Did you do an upgrade to a new version? We have had issues with that due to nuances in the new code.

SYmantec DLP is very good and versatile. I have it reviewing 30K end points and the enterprise exchange.

The below question is based on CISO Platform closed group discussion:

(private CISO member):

This behavior is observed when Symantec AV is in the system, and also few other AVs


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