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AI Task Force  Meetup
Las Vegas, NV
8th August,Thursday, 2024
Breakfast @ Bellagio Hotel
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM PST
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AI Task Force Kickoff Meeting
USA & APAC (Closed)
02nd July, Tuesday, 2024
11:30 AM EST & 3 PM IST
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AI Task Force Meetup
Milan, Italy
5th July, Friday, 2024
Breakfast @ Hilton Hotel
8: 30 AM Milan Time
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Future of AI in Cyber Security

Bruce Schneier On
AI Safety

Bruce Schneier, Security Guru, Autoher & Cryptographer
Bikash Barai, Co-founder CISO Platform & FireCompass

  • Future of AI in Security
  • Future of Privacy and Democracy
  • Bruce's recent book, A Hacker's Mind
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Objective: Innovate & Address Complex Challenges In Gen AI


We are forming a Gen AI Task Force and are seeking for members to participate. In the last 10 years CISO Platform community has created 100+ task forces and generated 500+ security artefacts and documents for the community.

Gen AI Task Force Goals:
1>Create Gen AI Taxonomy Document for cybersecurity
2>Create Gen AI Use Cases Mapping document for CISOs and their teams
3>Create aList of Gen AI technologies in Cyber Security
4>Create best practices framework to adopt Gen AI

IShape the future of AI in Cyber Securitynnovate and address complex challenges in Gen AI

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