Decision Summit 2015 Tools Checklist, Metrics & Dashboard

Why Do We Need A Summit On Security Decision Making?

  • 100+ Security Technologies: Which one to choose?
  • 2000+ Information Security Companies: Which is the right fit for you?
  • Are you choosing the best product or the one that does best marketing?
  • What's the objective way to benchmark the right technologies?
  • Wrong decisions cost a lot: Are we making the right one?

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What is Decision Summit?

First Information Security Conference solely dedicated to help CISOs to make better decisions

  • Learn about the comprehensive Information Security Technology Taxonomy and Landscape (study of 2000+companies)
  • Learn about the top security products as per CPI Report
  • Learn about the various security technology evaluation checklists (12 specific checklists)
  • Top Implementation Learning from 100 CISOs

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CISO Platform Technology & Vendor Taxonomy

Why do you need?

  • It is a huge task to find out exactly the vendors/players having the security solution required
  • Currently no single consolidated domain mapped taxonomy exists

What will we present?

  • A complete listing of all major players in each security domain
  • Domains- All (~12) domains that are covered in Decision Summit

Major features:

  • Read it like an index
  • Search the domain and at a glance see all vendors having solution in the domain you require
  • Seek CISO Platform analyst help if desired

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CISO Platform Index- 1st User Satisfaction Based Security Product Rating Index

Why do we need CPI?

  • CISOs or the users can provide the most meaningful verdict for a product
  • Currently there is no globally acknowledged framework solely based on CISO/User Satisfaction

What will we present?

  • Report of the top products that have been rated more than 7 in customer satisfaction index
  • Few example domain: DLP, APT, IAM, IRM, PIM, SIEM, GRC, MDM, End Point Security, Next Gen Firewall, WAF, DDOS

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CISO Platform - Product Evaluation Framework

Why do we need a Product Evaluation Framework for CISOs?

  • There is tremendous effort duplication in the industry since everybody creates their RFP. There is scope for reuse and collaboration for the basic structure (at least)
  • There are too many "buyer's guide" in the market. It is time to have an open community based unbiased framework

What will we present?

  • Our research team has created 12 specific frameworks ( Application Security testing, DLP, GRC…etc). We are currently taking community feedback
  • The final frameworks (ppt and excel sheet) shall be presented and shared during decision summit

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Turbo Talks By Top CISOs On Their Top Learning

  • CISO Platform 100 winners will share their real case studies or experience in the implementation domain
  • The ‘Top 100 CISO Award‘ aka CISO Platform 100 felicitates 100 or more finest CISO's who are using information security technology in innovative ways
  • Domains (all ~12 domains) presented at Decision Summit
  • Implementation hazards and common mistakes
  • Failure cases and how to overcome
  • Q&A and Networking to learn more..

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Workshop- How To Evaluate Vendors?

12 workshops on evaluating various security technologies which shall comprise of 2 parts

  • Part 1: Our Analyst and research team shall present the following
    • Market Taxonomy for various domains with complete list of all vendors
    • Qualified vendors as per CPI (rating >7)
    • Technology evaluation criteria and checklist for benchmarking
  • Part 2: CISOs who implemented the specific technology shall share their learning

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Technology Domains To Be Covered

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Application Security Testing
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Endpoint Security
  • Governance Risk Management and Compliance (IT GRC)
  • Next Gen Firewall
  • Content Security (Email/Web)
  • Security Information & Event management (SIEM)
  • Malware Protection System /APT
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Security Intelligence/Analytics, Forensics & Incident Response
  • Cloud security

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Innovative Company Showcase

  • Meet the startups creating ground breaking security technologies
  • Elevator pitches by top Innovators
  • Innovation company showcase at the expo area

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2 Day Technical Trainings @ a Glance

  • Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis
  • Cyber Forensics & Incident Response Training Course
  • Network Forensics &Practical Packet Analysis
  • Application Security Testing &Web Hacking

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Past Speakers:30+ Top International Speakers

Click Here for Annual Summit,2014 speakers

Click Here for Annual Summit,2013 speakers

Earlier CISO Platform Talks

These talks will give a fair idea on the quality of talks at CISO Platform. We encourage and appreciate quality content, also one that contributes to the information security community.

A Sprint To Protect POS by Nir Valtman - click here for talk

How the Heartbleed bug was found by Antti Karjalainen - click here for talk

Cyber Safety in Cars and Medical Devices - click here for talk

Can your SMART TV get hacked? - click here for talk

Deliverables Or Takeaway

  • Access to vendor evaluation Checklists
  • Access to present CPI ratings
  • Access to workshop material soft copy
  • Access to Information Security Technology and Vendor Taxonomy

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Pass Pricing

Pass Pricing Price
Conference Pass INR 20 K / USD 320
Training Pass INR 25 K / USD 400

Group Discounts

*Group discounts will be automatically applicable in the billing based on the number of pass you choose.

Discount 3 to 5 Person 6 or More
Conference/ Training Pass 5% 10%

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Call for Speaker

We believe in sharing knowledge which is short, great and impactful.Speakers will be selected by the program committee and will be based on the information submitted by the Applicants via online form submission or through email. The program committee's judgment will be considered as final.

For more details on Call For Speaker Click here



Conference Venue

The conference will be held in New Delhi, around popular tourist & historical destinations 'Jaipur' & 'Taj Mahal'.

  • Venue: Shangri-La, New Delhi
  • Date: 4th & 5th June
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How to Register?

Please register before the last date as post that no submissions will be accepted. Registration for Senior Security Executives only (Not Applicable for suppliers/vendors, sales/marketing or others)

PS: This is a closed door event. Only registered Participants of CISO Platform Decision Summit 2015, can attend this Event.*Seats are limited.


Important Dates

Please fill in your nominations before the last date as post that no submissions will be accepted.

  • Decision Summit Date: 4th & 5th June, Delhi
  • Call for Speaker opens: 16th January, 2015
  • Call for Speaker closes: 16th March, 2015
*We strongly suggest that you submit your papers early as the window will close early if sufficient quality papers have been received.


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