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Security Technology Implementation Report: Annual CISO Survey

We are happy to announce the results of the annual survey of Security Implementation Status and Industry Benchmarking (CPSMM), in which 331 companies have participated. The data has been collected through the survey conducted online as well as during Top 100 CISO Awards. We have planned a series of interesting information which shall provide…


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4Steps to Swift Security Recovery

After Target, it's Michaels. While they diagnosed one case, bumpers have been coming all the way through Christmas. Retail chain is out of wits. It's like the accident count, where the actual count is never known, plenty devices are probably unaware of unauthorised access. But it is not less apprehended how important it is getting to know what-to-do-once-victim?



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Privacy & Data Protection the growing accountability

Accountability in Privacy Management

Today the privacy trends analyzed and issues that most of the organizations or service providers face across industries and geographies is one thing noticed as a common theme among the trends that have emerged is Accountability.

As privacy management evolves — both in terms of improvements in effectiveness and the

growing complexity of the challenges — accountability is emerging as a fundamental component of…


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Breached Inspite Of All The Efforts?What Next?

Like so many other things in today’s world, cyber attacks along with those who perpetrate them are becoming more sophisticated every year. At the same time, IT resources are moving outside the firewall and enterprises are distributing their applications and data across multiple devices. It’s now clear that simply protecting an organization’s perimeter is not enough.…


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Vulnerabilities Across Different Verticals (IBM Report)

We know all too well how major security incidents can affect a company’s data, networks and corporate brand. We also know that sophisticated attacks, designed to gain continuous access to critical information or to cause damage in critical infrastructure, are becoming more severe, more frequent and more costly.



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Announcing CISO Platform- 4th Top 100 CISO Awards, 2014

We are happy to announce the 4th Edition of our Top 100 CISO Awards. The award was conceptualized in 2010 to celebrate the success of the Chief Information Security Officers. TOP 100 CISO Awards is held…


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Threat Assessment and Mitigation Checklist

The network security industry recommends that an organization periodically perform risk modeling,assessment, and risk management to anticipate and take pro-active measures against threats.

(Read more:  Top 5…


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