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Security Technology Marathon (Rise/Fall)

As we see more and more businesses are becoming internet enabled with basic security mechanism in place. The year 2011 was one of the landmark years for high-profile cyber attacks. As the trend is said to continue in 2012 with more sophisticated and targeted attacks, security is a major concern for the IT users of all the segments from Home Users to SMB to Enterprise. Business need to realign security strategies…

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The internet of things (IoT) Embedding itself into everyday items

“Combining the Physical world to the virtual world by connecting the sensors, sensors will be everywhere”. …


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Checklist For Selecting Firewall Vendor

How should CISO define the requirement for solutions related to the Firewall domain?

  •  To ascertain total throughput required. The requirement be finalized keeping in view the current traffic as well  as expected increase in volumes over at least next 3-5 years.
  •  To ascertain what is the throughput required for individual interface.
  •  How many interfaces are required in the firewall.
  •  Do we require additional modules…

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Configuring Your Firewall

Top Steps During Implementation Of A Firewall Project

  • Clearly defined requirements such as type of firewall, architecture, performance requirements, compliance requirement, sizing, reporting, and minimum specifications are important for identifying suitable solution
  •  Once right products are shortlisted, proof of concept or environment simulation will help finalize the product that is best fit to specific…

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Emerging Case of Cyber Insurance

Security is crucial for a society to flourish otherwise it is only a matter of time before society will succumb to its sad end or shrink to an unnoticeable size. Societies which exist in today's world have done two things exceptionally right in their past. One, they have not merely defended themselves against invaders but attacked also. Two, if they could not beat the invaders, they did business with them. And such societies are flourishing even today. Others faded.

In today's society…


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