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How do you Measure Information Security in your Organisation?

What is your Information security posture? Is there a way to put a measurable score for information security? Can I set a SMART Infosec KPI? If these questions ever crossed your mind, then you are probably at the right place.

I try to address these questions by creating a Score Card for Information Security. Let's start with a Basic framework by collating all the Infosec related activities we do or wish to do to improve our confidence on our Systems and Processes. Allocate a weight to…


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Advanced Threats In The Enterprise

Watch Video: (Webinar) "Advanced Threats In The Enterprise"

( Read more:  Checklist to Evaluate a DLP Provider )

What will you…


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SAP NetWeaver ABAP Security Configuration Part 4: Open remote management interfaces

Today we are going on with our series of articles where we describe the 33 steps to security. The subject is of great significance not only to a small group of SAP infosec specialists, but to all those people who work with ERP systems as recent years have witnessed an increased awareness of business data protection problems. Not to go into details, let us get right to the topic. 

The SAP NetWeaver platform includes not only the Dispatcher service…


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Risks and Opportunities provided by Cyber Domain and Policy-needs to address the Cyber Defense

The term ‘Cyber Domain’ has been used widely by various experts, sometimes interchangeably with ‘Cyber Space’, to imply – “the global domain within the information environment that encompasses the interdependent networks of information technology infrastructures, including the internet and telecommunication networks” (Camillo & Miranda, 2011). Today it has become “the fifth domain of warfare after land, sea, air and space and its a challenge to have a common definition of cyber Domain”…


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Intelligence Driven Security - SIEM & Beyond

Watch Video: (Webinar) Intelligence Driven Security - SIEM & Beyond

( Read more:  Checklist to Evaluate a DLP Provider )

What will you…


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Pre-launch Preview: State of Security Technology Adoption in Enterprises - Annual Report 2015

We are happy to announce the results of the annual survey of Security Implementation Status and Industry Benchmarking, in which 410 companies have participated in the enterprise segment. This is a preview of the key findings on the implementation of various security technologies.

The data has been collected through the survey conducted online through the "5th Top 100 CISO Awards,…


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