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4 Key Strategies for Reducing the Risk of Advanced Targeted Threats

This exclusive brief from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) outlines 4 key strategies for reducing the risk of advanced, targeted threats with next-generation security.

What will you learn in the paper:

  • How the malware threat landscape is becoming more dangerous
  • Why existing defenses cannot provide adequate protection alone
  • What investments organizations are making in new processes and…

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The ‘Connected’ Hospital By Roni H. Amiel

Can small hospitals pave the way to smart outcomes for larger hospitals…and can working together benefit both organizations and improve quality and patient outcome?

In today's reality of cost reduction, increased regulatory requirements, new technologies and operational constraints, hospitals large and small are measured on their ability to meet their goals, administratively and clinically demonstrate efficiency and successfully execute strategies. We are witnessing a…


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Actionable Dashboards by Roni H. Amiel

The case for making dashboards; clinical and business; providing real-time and actionable information goes beyond the traditional advantages. Do it right and you get the opportunity to shape the organization from the ground up!!!!

Making Actionable Dashboards 

As we know it - Dashboards are intended to…


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Hardware Trojans: Sneak Peek into the Future

We are safe, checking our software's for fallacy, for hacker's tricks. However we never think that the machine we run could be malicious itself. Their could be havoc if so happened, Prof. Indranil Sengupta(IIT-kgp) enlightens us about such threat and future…


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Can you prevent APT using NextGen Firewall?

Cybercrime and espionage have cost companies over $500 BillionTweet: Cybercrime and espionage have cost companies over $500 Billion #CISOPlatform @CISOPlatform [link] <a href=" width="33" height="30" />in lost IP and untold lost jobs and productivity. The term ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’ was originally used by US Air Force…


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Firewall Checklist - Top 10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do!

The next-generation firewall is well defined by Gartner as something new and enterprise-focused “incorporating full-stack inspection to support intrusion prevention, application-level inspection and granular policy control” .

Most network security vendors are…


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How effective is your SIEM Implementation? - CISO Platform<

During the last few penetration testing conducted for certain organizations, we have discovered a surprising fact that almost all the SIEM implementation had gaps on the implementation levels. For example, in certain cases, SIEM did not even detect at all when…


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