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How to Measure Organization’s Cyber Maturity

A much talked about topic today, does it ring a bell in your mind too, have you also heard about Cyber Security? I am sure you would have if you are related to technology in some form or the other.

I wonder why big giants all big 4s talking about it designing their services around the Cyber Security.

What is Cyber Security? Do we need Cyber Security? Are we not there…


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Vulnerability Management System:How to Evaluate a Vendor?

Vulnerability Management System was implemented as a practice within the Organization across the Global Business Unit (India, Middle East & Africa). The implementation included Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation. The assessment is made based on Severity Levels (Actual & Potential) obtained through vulnerability…


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Software Requirement: The Two Ends of a Bridge

Software requirement arises out of a business need. Someone from the business sector feels that some critical business requirement can be met by building an application and shall provide some amount of automation and enhancement as compared to the manual process. They further desire it to be built by either internal software development team or an…


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Software Compliance: CISOs Bane and Publishers Opportunity

With the Markets being somewhat sluggish, Licence Revenues heading Southwards and Software companies having a perplexing situation for generating proceeds, Licence Compliance Management Exercises have gathered critical mass as an “Engine of Revenue Generation”.

With the IT Act 2000 (amended in 2008) providing a meagre clarity on this, most of us do it as just another "necessary evil" to get our job done. However diminutive it may seem to a lay man, these…


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Doubling Down On DDoS Mitigation Services - Forrester's Report

Today, DDoS attacks are one of the most prevalent cyberassaults in our constantly changing threat landscape. Bank of America, MasterCard, PayPal, Sony, Visa, and many more of the world’s largest companies have all been victims of DDoS attacks. These unpredictable attacks continue to increase and grow in sophistication by the day. The availability of an organization’s critical systems depends on its ability to…


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How To Evaluate Network Security Vendor

As per our IT Security Audit report of Ernst and Young, We have to protect our network for misuse of the Internet and we required proper analyzer to analyze our network, they also guide us for the Implementation of BYOD policy in the company and Protection of ERP thru Dual authentication. We have to protect our ERP application by using SSL VPN for remote location also. Our top management interested to protect our network in a proper way and reduced some bandwidth cost.

( Read more:…


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Checklist for E-Procurement Portal

E-Procurement Portal has been set up for providing state-of-the-art e-Procurement services in India to Govt. Departments, Public Sector Organisations and Large Private Sector Enterprises. This e-procurement portal comprehensively addresses almost every nuance of the formal Public Procurement process having ‘Legal’, ‘Security’ and ‘Transparency’ related significance.

( Read more:  CISO Guide…


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Implementation Guide For Secure Wireless Network

When we started this project of Secure Wireless LAN implementation in our organization, the key considering while evaluation that the solution must be robust, stable and highly secured so as to avoid security hassles and wireless threats.

Most companies go to great lengths to keep unauthorized users off their networks, but Wi-Fi access points can provide hackers with a convenient way in. That's because Wi-Fi signals are often broadcast for outside network - an enticing invitation for…


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How To Evaluate An ERP Project

Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd. (AIC) provides crop insurance coverage to 2.4 crore farmers annually, 86% of whom belong to the small and marginal category. To balance the twin challenge of crop insurance business, viz. reaching the remotest farmer at minimum service cost, AIC has developed a web-based, integrated, 360-degree IT Systems Solution Project titled "ANNAPOORNA", envisioned as an enabler for streamlining the business processes of the Company and an automator of the…


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Announcing Call for Speakers @ CISO Platform Annual Summit 2014

I am highly excited to tell you the most exciting event and all the buzz of Annual Summit is back ! 

Further more I am more excited because now is the time when we will receive your innovation, those billions of papers and the most exciting hacks of this year. …


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Checklist to Evaluate A Cloud Based WAF Vendor

These days’ web applications are under siege. Commercially motivated Hackers, bots, and fraudsters are attacking around the clock, attempting to steal data, disrupt access, and commit fraud which today’s next generation firewall, IPS and other network security product are unable to safeguard. So in order to prevent…


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CISO as an enabler

Started by Maheshkumar Vagadiya Jul 30. 0 Replies

Share the instances where you were able to convince the Executive management /board that CISO function is enabler rather then a hindrance.Thanks youMaheshContinue

Has Anyone Evaluated Digital Signature (like Docusign)?

Started by CISO Platform. Last reply by Yogesh Nov 19. 2 Replies

(question posted on behalf of a CISO member)Has anyone evaluated digital signature (like Docusign), any specific risk/ security areas to be looked into while finalising a vendor? Any and all inputs will be very much appreciated.Continue

What are your strategies for using Zoom in your organization after recent vulnerabilities in news about Zoom platform?

Started by CISO Platform. Last reply by ANAND SHRIMALI May 20. 4 Replies

(question posted on behalf of a CISO member)What are your strategies for using Zoom in your organization after recent vulnerabilities in news about Zoom platform?Related Question: …Continue

[Please Suggest] Corona Virus: Security advisory for work from home

Started by CISO Platform. Last reply by Bhushan Deo Mar 20. 12 Replies

(question posted on behalf of a CISO member)Due to CORONA virus most of the organizations are allowing their employees to work form home.Has any one issued security advisory for work from home ?Continue

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