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'Shadow Breakers' Leak posed serious threat for Organizations

We are keep getting surprises in the cyber-security world and this is one of the biggest surprise. Few weeks back, someone out of the blue started leaking the NSA's secret. The so called Shadow Brokers leak dropped 300MB of stolen data onto the open web. 300MB dropped of stolen data which includes live exploits for some of the web’s most crucial network infrastructure, apparently stolen from the NSA in 2013.

Now the question…


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Sneak Peek Into the Top Talks @ SACON, Goa - 2016

Turbo Talks

Big Data…


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Top 5 Technologies To Protect Against Zero Day Malware

Cyber-targeted attacks such as APTs are the primary cause of concern for any organization that holds data which can be of interest to attackers. The motivations are diverse and the attackers are highly sophisticated and relentless in their approach. Traditional security tools are proving to be ineffective against such attacks as evidenced by the ubiquitous stories of successful breaches.  In this time, it is considered that the more security tools you have the better secure you are which is…


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Top Cyber security assessment frameworks for Banks around the Globe

Cyber security is an increasing concern for every business. And especially for banks who held a lot of confidential data and transaction details, it is utmost important for banks to have required cyber security solution and processes at the place.

Many regulatory bodies like RBI in India, FFIEC in U.S., monetary authority of Singapore (MAS), etc. have made it compulsory for banks to follow some specific guidelines and created…


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Vendor Selection - An uphill task for CISO's

An average CISO Tenure is 17 months. This is why we brought up the burnout issue. 

CISO Role Expectations-

Below are the expectations from CISO's and these challenges faced by CISO's can make them fired/quit. Sometimes, they can't bear pressure and responsibilities that are upon on them:-

  • Prevent any security risks in an enterprise (Superpower…

Added by Vaibhav Singhal (CISO Platform) on August 12, 2016 at 12:00pm — No Comments

Pokemon Go - Top Tips to Minimize Security Risks

Today, I am going to talk about the game which has become more than a game for people around the world. You guessed it right, I am talking about Pokemon Go, developed by Niantic. The important mechanic in the game is to be able to use GPS which can track your movement and combine that with mobile data points. But now the game is gaining attention specially in the security domain.

Let's see what all security concerns you needed…


Added by Vaibhav Singhal (CISO Platform) on August 12, 2016 at 11:00am — No Comments

Top Emerging APT Security Company Vendors Globally in 2019

Emerging Vendors are the vendors who have been innovative and has given the fresh perspective to the conventional security methods. In very less time, these start-ups have been able to make their name in the APT space. Here is the list of the Top Emerging vendors in the field of APT Security.

1. Illusive Networks …


Added by Vaibhav Singhal (CISO Platform) on August 3, 2016 at 1:30pm — No Comments

6 Criterias For Evaluating Sandbox Solutions

A sandbox is a security mechanism to analyze the behaviour of any suspicious file types and web objects by allowing it to execute in an isolated environment with constrained resources. It allows one to execute any untested, un-trusted/outsourced code without causing any damage to the host machine and production environment. Usually the program is run into Virtual environment or emulation software which provide the feel and functionality similar to the actual environment.



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6 Free Log Management Tools

Log management is one of the primary requirements for building an enterprise class SOC. In security, Log analysis is often the first step in incident forensics. Operating systems such as windows, Unix, Linux and other network devices such as routers, firewalls etc. offer native log management capabilities but are not sufficient for organizations because of a variety of reasons. First, due to storage constraint older logs are overwritten by the most recent logs. Second, log collection for…


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Ransomware Attacks: How Prepared Are You?

RansomWare is a type of malicious software (malware) when infected with encrypts all the important files such as documents, pictures, movie file etc with a virtually unbreakable encryption key. [RM1] The RansomWare arrives via email attachments, insecure downloads,  use of outdated browser's, or through Trojans such as Zeus etc. Once executed the malware usually reaches out to its Command & Control server over an internet connection to get the…


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CISO as an enabler

Started by Maheshkumar Vagadiya Jul 30. 0 Replies

Share the instances where you were able to convince the Executive management /board that CISO function is enabler rather then a hindrance.Thanks youMaheshContinue

Has Anyone Evaluated Digital Signature (like Docusign)?

Started by CISO Platform. Last reply by Yogesh Nov 19. 2 Replies

(question posted on behalf of a CISO member)Has anyone evaluated digital signature (like Docusign), any specific risk/ security areas to be looked into while finalising a vendor? Any and all inputs will be very much appreciated.Continue

What are your strategies for using Zoom in your organization after recent vulnerabilities in news about Zoom platform?

Started by CISO Platform. Last reply by ANAND SHRIMALI May 20. 4 Replies

(question posted on behalf of a CISO member)What are your strategies for using Zoom in your organization after recent vulnerabilities in news about Zoom platform?Related Question: …Continue

[Please Suggest] Corona Virus: Security advisory for work from home

Started by CISO Platform. Last reply by Bhushan Deo Mar 20. 12 Replies

(question posted on behalf of a CISO member)Due to CORONA virus most of the organizations are allowing their employees to work form home.Has any one issued security advisory for work from home ?Continue

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