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Technologies For Security Of BYOD

This article is a contribution by Chitranjan Kesari, AVP IT, Lodha Group for the information security community.

The need for flexibility, speed and information sharing means is mandatory to maintain a robust security arrangement that can protect the data and offer ability to stay connected. A reliable BYOD policy is required to help and safeguard our network. BYOD is to develop a policy that…


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The Cyber Security Concerns - An interesting read

Snapshot of some numbers from the article link above.…

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How to design an effective phishing simulation ?

This article was contributed by Sridhar Govardhan, CISA, CISM, CEH, General Manager-Cyber Security at Wipro

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack. Using phishing email, the attacker cleverly manipulates the natural human tendency to trust others and tricks the victim into act as per the instructed in the email. To be convincing, the…


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Free and Open Source Software Evaulation parameters

Below are a few free & open source software evaluation parameters:

Parameters Description
Community The driving force and main…

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Complete Guide To Log & Event Management (by Anton Chuvakin Gartner)

Everybody has logs and that means that everybody ultimately will have to deal with them—if only because many regulatory mandates prescribe that. In this guide, Dr. Anton Chuvakin will analyze the relationship between SIEM and log management, focusing not only on the technical differences and different uses for these technologies but also on architecting their joint deployments. In addition, he will provide recommendations for companies…


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eBook : Deception 2.0 for Dummies

Deception is a very useful and effective tactic to detect and evade threats in many situations. The modern cybersecurity situation is one such example.

This book explains cybersecurity deception and technologies in six short chapters which includes:…


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Top 9 Past Security Talks By Dr. Phil Polstra

Dr. Philip Polstra

Author of ‘Linux Forensic’, 'Windows Forensic', 'Hacking & Penetration Testing With Low Power Devices' | Frequent speaker at DEFCON, Blackhat, BSides, GrrCON, ShakaCON | Renowned forensic expert

About : Digital forensics professor by day. Hardware hacker and penetration tester by night. Associate Professor, Digital Forensics at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Attended Northcentral University

Dr. Phil Polstra shall be conducting a Handson…


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Reference Security Architecture for Mobility- Insurance Task Force

The project title for this task force is “Reference security architecture for Mobility”. Some of the key things that you are going to learn from this presentation is:

  • The reader will learn about the current aspects of mobility, its use…

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Infrastructure and Cyber Security Trends and Challenges

It is important to understand the new trends that are occurring amongst cyber security experts to make sure you properly protect your organization. The following are some key trends that you need to be aware of.

1) Data Co-relation Before adding more devices to a network, perform data correlation across the existing devices first. Networks are…


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information security maturity|Cyber Security Maturity Model- IT/ITES Task Force

The project title for this task force is “Cyber Security Maturity Model for Organizations”. Some of the key things that you are going to learn from this presentation is:

  • The user organizations will learn, how to easily adapt a cyber security maturity assessment model based on the widely accepted frameworks such as NIST…

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