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The Forrester Wave: DDoS Guide, Q3 2015

Why Read This Report

In Forrester’s 36-criteria evaluation of distributed denial of service (DDoS) services providers, we identified nine of the most significant companies — in a crowded field of competitors. We researched, analyzed, and scored them to determine which are best able to protect their customers’ business. The DDoS services space is growing in importance because distributed denial of service attacks now…


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Battling Fraud: How cybercriminals bypass your security defenses?

Effectively combating cybercriminals requires understanding how they operate. How do they render endpoint protection solutions inoperable? What methods do they use to sidestep two- factor authentication? How do they trick device ID systems and behavioral analytic and risk engines into believing their transactions are legitimate?

This white paper…


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Buyers Guide for Identity & Access Governance

This buyer’s guide can help you find the right IAM solution for your organization—one that meets your unique needs for compliance, provisioning, access management and governance, along with the identity intelligence to stay ahead of threats from the data center to the cloud.

Why Read the Buyer's Guide? 

To help you evaluate whether an IAM solution effectively supports your short- and long- term objectives, this guide…


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Sneak Peek Into Conference Agenda @ CISO Platform Annual Summit, 2015

Keynote Turbo Talks

Protecting SCADA environments

Daniel Lakier, CTO & President at…


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Banking Trojans Dyre or Dridex Retooled for Data Mining

The evolution of malware is garnering attention from security researchers and law enforcement, as the off-the-shelf banking Trojans known as Dyre and Dridex have now been linked to the theft of massive amounts of corporate and personal data.

DRIDEX or DYRE had become one of the leading banking Trojans, targeting over 240 financial institutions. DRIDEX/DYRE malware is descended from the ZEUS Banking Trojan, developed by…


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Threat Intelligence Workshop

Threat Intelligence Workshop by Bikash Barai:

  • Key Components (People,Process and Technology)
  • Threat Intelligence Maturity Model
  • Threat Collection & Analysis
  • Integrating Actionable Intelligence
  • Technology & Vendor Landscape 

( Read More:…


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PeopleSoft Security Part 3: PeopleSoft SSO & TokenChpoken Attack

In the third part of the PeopleSoft Security series,we will describe on how to log-in any account and gain full access to the PeopleSoft system.

What is PeopleSoft SSO and how does it work?

Like many other enterprise business applications, PeopleSoft supports various Single Sign-On technologies. SSO enables authentication into several systems by a single action: a user logs into one system manually and into others automatically.

PeopleSoft supports its own…


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PeopleSoft Security Part 2: “Decrypting” AccessID

Now that we have covered PeopleSoft Architecture, it is time to continue with PeopleSoft security and describe some attack vectors against PeopleSoft system discovered by ERPScan researchers. The first one is an attack on back-end systems.

First, we should clarify some essential terms:

  • User ID – a PeopleSoft user account.
  • Connect ID – a special account with minimal DBMS privileges.
  • Access ID – a special account with a high level of DBMS…

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First Death by Internet

The quickly evolving Internet of Things or call it Internet of Everything will leave us more vulnerable to the cyber criminals. Government agencies are not prepared to combat the upcoming threat of “Online Murder”. Sounds Strange!!.. but we are heading towards this.

The upcoming IoT is an open source for the cyber criminals to exploit internet technology to target victims, the forensic techniques needs to address the danger posed by the cyber criminals.

"Internet of Everything"…


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