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10 Areas of Change in Cybersecurity for 2020

Cybersecurity in 2020 will be evolutionary but not revolutionary.  Although there is always change and churn, much of the foundational drivers remain relatively stable.  Attacks in the next 12 months are likely to persist in ways already known but taking it up-a-notch and that will lead to a steady escalation between attackers and defenders. …


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You've got Mail!

You've got Mail!

While the world continues to battle with the Corona pandemic, there is another pandemic unfolding in digital space. Businesses and people are seeing an unprecedented onslaught of cyberattacks. As organisations try to maintain the business continuity and keep their…


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Data Security and Threat Models

This post is my admittedly imperfect attempt to “reconnect” data security controls to threats. It is also my intent to continue pulling on the thread I touched in this post— so expect more posts about that.

Let’s first get this out of the way: there are absolutely security controls that are NOT…


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Maze Ransomware Attacks Cognizant

A large enterprise cognizant has released a notification regarding the maze ransomware attack. The team is working on various aspects to contain the incident. However, this puts us in a shocking position to understand how vulnerable major companies are. There have been various previous reports on this notorious malware…

Maze Ransomware Hits Cognizant


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3 Steps That CISOs Can Take to Turn Hard Times Into a Blueprint for Success

As the CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan is certainly one of the beneficiaries of the dramatic shift to remote work that’s occurred in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. His video conferencing platform has become somewhat of a phenomenon virtually overnight, and Yuan has become one of the world’s richest men in the process. So why has April turned into the …


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Increase of the Phishing attacks in the COVID-19 situation

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Novel CoronaVirus is not only posing a grave danger in the real world, but it is also posing a threat to the cyberworld. Cybercriminals are exploiting the public fears about this deadly virus using phishing attacks.

Phishing is a technique used by cybercriminals to send genuine-looking emails and make the user take actions. These actions can be replying with personal information or clicking…


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Work From Anywhere Is The New Normal: Challenges & Solutions

Trying times like these requires organization to put their best foot forward for the safety of their employees and to enable business continuity. Work from anywhere in view of lock down and work from home is new normal. While some organizations had remote work enabled  with defined technologies and polices for some years  and are now…


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Does Isolation Sacrifice Privacy?

Would you cut & paste your intimate, private details onto Social Media for the world to see?



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Preventing a Product Security Crisis

The video conference company Zoom has skyrocketed to new heights and plummeted to new lows in the past few weeks.  It is one of the handful of communications applications that is perfectly suited to a world beset by quarantine actions, yet has fallen far from grace because of poor security,…


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Sample Cyber Security Update For Management (COVID 19)

During the COVID 19 crisis many organizations had to shift to Work From Home in a very short notice. During this time it is very important to keep your management and team members informed. Here is a sample cyber security update for your management during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Sample Cyber Security Update For Management
I wanted to keep you all updated on the progress on cyber security posture of "Your Company" and…

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6 prong strategy from a CISO perspective: Learning from the cyber defense and combating COVID 19 Threat

Always thought of writing this blog, since the COVID-19 menace started literally scaring all of us. For me today is the 10th day of following social distancing, the need of the hour. The 1st week itself was very hectic from work perspective. Enabling people to work from home SECURELY. Easier said than done. Lots of trade-off. In any case Cyber security practice is essentially dealing with trade-offs.” Every one of us, every day of our lives make security trade-off” very aptly told by Bruce…


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Cyber Security Considerations Regarding Telework or Remote Work Options in COVID 19

This blog is posted on behalf of Nilesh Gavali. As organizations prepare for possible impacts of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), many may consider alternate workplace options for their employees. Remote work options—or telework—require an enterprise virtual private network (VPN) solution to connect employees to an organization’s information…


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Check list for Work from Home Amidst COVID 19

This is posted on behalf of Ashish Khanna, Assistant Vice President - Corporate IT for EIH Limited (Oberoi Group).

Due to CORONA virus most of the organizations are allowing their employees to work form home.Here is a checklist for work from home amidst COVID-19.

Check list for Work from Home Amidst COVID…


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Information Security Tips when Working from Home (COVID 19)

These Information Security Tips when Working from Home are posted on behalf of Bhushan Deo, CISO for Thermax Limited

Connection & Access

  1. Avoid connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi / networks for internet.
  2. Use…

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Covid-19 – Teleworking Guideline

By @NileshGavali, CISSP, Security+

Covid-19 – Teleworking Guideline

As You all…


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COVID 19 : Lessons Learnt (11 March 2020)

I have been involved in response to COVID19 which took the world by surprise & during last 2 months, I did several things at unprecedented speed.

I am putting together this article summarizing my lessons learnt & hope these will be useful for others. I would have liked to articulate more, but I am choosing to keep my sentences short & straightforward - exactly how you should communicate when you are dealing with infectious diseases

So here are the lessons…


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CISO Platform Annual Summit, 2020 Highlights

We wanted to share with you some of the amazing moments from “Annual Summit, India 2020” @ Bangalore on 21 & 22 Feb. We had over 700+ attendees including CISO and SACON attendees sharing knowledge through Taskforce Presentations, Panel Discussions Round Tables, Workshops and more making the conference a huge success.…


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Endpoint Detection and Response - A Guide

By @NileshGavali, CISSP,SecurityPlus


Today’s organizations face huge challenges securing and protecting servers, networks, and …


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Nebula – walkthrough – EXPLOIT (level00)

Nebula : flag00

Hey, guys i just decided to solve the Nebula machine from exploit education.

I’ve also made a youtube video about it which you can refer to.

Youtube link : https://youtu.be/9Xd28FjugM8…


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(Free PPTs) Top Talks @ SACON - 2020 !

Get free access to the presentations by Gregory Pickett Nandan NilekaniAndrea MarcelliJames StangerJim HietalaShivangi NadkarniMonojit ChoudhurySrinivas Poosarla & more. SACON is one of the largest Security Architecture Conferences in APAC region. With over 600+ participants, this was the 7th edition of SACON and here are a few highlights we wanted to share with you. It…


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