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Anti Spam Security Project Implementation Guide and Top Common Mistakes

Top steps during the implementation of a project related to Anti Spam Security

  • Incorporation of spam detectors to block malicious/ fraudulent e-mails
  • Installation of filters for automatic detection/ deletion of malicious software
  • Deployment of software for blocking outgoing delivery of sensitive information to malicious parties
  • Implementation of standard anti-virus, filtering, and anti-spam software…

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CISO Viewpoint: Choosing the Right Anti-Spam Security Solution

There are many technologies /solutions available to control Spam. There is no one technology which is complete solution by itself. With most anti-spam solutions, the key challenge is trying to balance false negatives (missed spams) vs false positives (rejecting good email). This is critical for a successful anti-spam deployment. Each approach has its own associated costs in time and effort.

Spam filtering can be done at the gateway or the client level.  There are options of using…


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BYOD Security: From Defining the Requirements to Choosing a Vendor

A CISO need to understand the exact requirement before designing the BYOD domain in the organization. Keeping in mind the exact business need and value add which can be or intended to obtain using this technology.

(Read more:  5 easy ways to build your personal brand !)

Build of solution for BYOD is directly related to business requirement without any compromise to security of information…


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Under the hood of Top 4 BYOD Security Technologies: Pros & Cons

Top technologies / solutions available for BYOD Security:

Task for companies who utilize BYOD is to develop a policy that defines exactly what sensitive company information needs to be protected and which employees should have access to this information, and then to educate all employees on this policy.

Technologies for security of BYOD :

1.     VDI- One popular software-based security method gaining steam in BYOD environments is…


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CISO Viewpoint: Key advantages of using BYOD Security

Key advantages of using BYOD Security:

■ Extend corporate security policies to mobile devices

  • Device password policy configuration
  • Lock out after failed attempts
  • Disallow previously used passwords

■ Easily disable lost or stolen devices to protect corporate assets

  • Remote Locking
  • Remote Profile remove
  • Remote Wipe out

■ On-device…


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Top Questions to ask vendor for evaluating Anti-Malware Security offering

There are so many Endpoint Security Products in the market and every solution has atleast one or more unique feature in their product. So, it’s a tough job for a CISO to choose one of them for his organization. However, a Best Fit Analysis would be best practice for each organization as per own business processes and Infrastructure.

Before the evaluation process one should identify and classify the critical and sensitive Data. Next, map them with different Business processes. Once…


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How Should a CISO choose the right Anti-Malware Technology?

Now this is a very subjective term as “Right” to each is quite different. More so, the subject “Information Security” by itself is quite a dynamic and an evolving term. Here, any measure stick with constant attributes may not provide a true insight for the choice of Technology. However, certain parameters of the selection process can be generalized for operational efficiency.

(


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Concept Note: CISO Platform Index- A Community Based Product Rating Framework

We heavily rely on references while taking a decision on adoption of a new technology or a product. However, there is no dedicated analysis of product leadership purely based on customer recommendation. From CISO Platform technology Analyst team, we are happy to announce the concept note for CISO Index which shall rate products purely based on CISO/User…


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How to write a great article in less than 30 mins + Post Ideas

We all face difficulties in expressing our thoughts. Here are a few pointers which will help a person to write great articles in just 30 mins.

Step 1: Define the headline

When you write the articles ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Are you saying something new?
  2. Are you saying something old but in a new way?
  3. Are you saying something which will help others to save time, money or effort?

If any…


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5 easy ways to build your personal brand !

How important is your personal brand in professional success?

Nobody can deny that personal reputation is critical in the path of professional success. Definitely the most important factor is "who you are?" but it is equally important "how others perceive you?".

In today's world due to online tools it is lot easier to build your personal brand. Here are the top steps:


Step 1:…


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CISO Platform to acquire the rights of “Top 100 CISO Award”

CISO Platform today announces the initiative to acquire the rights of “Top 100 CISO Award”.  Top 100 CISO Award is the industry’s premier award to recognize the top Chief Information Security Officers and IT Security Professionals.
“Top 100 CISO Awards strategically fits the vision of CISO Platform to help top IT Security professionals to position themselves as a thought leader, network, share and learn from the industry peers. We are excited to build…

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Announcing CISO Handbook: A Call to Authors

Why do we need a CISO Handbook?

  • There is no single consolidated source of comprehensive and precise operational knowledge that a CISO would need.
  • CISOs need to browse through a sea of information to find what is relevant to them.
  • CISOs  feel the need to have more insights from their peers, and learn from each others experiences.

Vision of the CISO…


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CISO Round Table on Effective Implementation of DLP & Data Security

Our special webinar by CISO Platform and WebSense, was a great success with over 120 CISO's registering for the webinar.


Key Areas Covered

  1. Which are the most commonly used data security controls?
  2. What are the best practices for an effective Data Security Strategy?
  3. Which are the Key challenges while implementing Data Security Strategy?
  4. How should one choose a Data Security Vendor?
  5. Understanding of technology…

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Interview Series: A CTO perspective on BIG Data, BYOD and Top Security Trends

Jayantha Prabhu,CTO , Essar Group, talks to CISO Platform on the Top Security Trends that he feels, will define the future.

What do you think are the top technologies that will…


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5 of the most famous hackers!!!

The Internet has plenty of crackers, known as  "black hats", who work to exploit computer systems.You also have white hats. When hackers are hired by companies to do penetration testing, it's legal and known as white hats. In this section we profile five of the most famous  and all time favourite "black hat"…


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Compliance and Government Regulations

Due to financial implications caused by several recent high-profile data leakage incidents,enterprises are facing increasing pressure for implementation of stringent norms pertaining to governance and compliance reporting. Today, adhering to governmental and contractual compliance requirements is required not only to continue the business, but also generate value. Failure…


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Data Security: The Next Big Security Focus in India ?

Data explosion and advent of big data are phenomena, which are a result of economic development of

nations and increase in digital footprint of organizations.With more and more devices getting connected to the core business enterprise network, in order to serve the need of anytime-anywhere information access and growing traction of bring your own device (BYOD) in the corporate culture; all contributing to the era of ‘big data’.…


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Top Security Threats 2013

Keeping current with the latest threat trends can improve the effectiveness of existing security solutions as it helps to identify and prioritize security gaps that may require new approaches and more innovative strategies.


Key Findings:

  • Web Security - The web became significantly more malicious…

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Interview Series: Security Professional's Guide to Identity & Access management

Saurabh Kaushik,Sr Manager Information Security, Lupin Pharma, talks to CISO Platform on the biggest drivers and barriers of IAM adoption and the top challenges a CISO/organization can face while adopting IAM.

How important is IAM? Why should organizations adopt it?

Identity and Access Management is an integrated set of processes,…


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Gartner Predicts 2013 Local Briefing – Bangalore 8th Feb 2013

Top 10 predictions for 2013 and beyond - Gartner

Top 10 predictions for 2013 and beyond - Gartner Gartner's top predictions for 2013 focus on opportunities, economic risks and innovations that will force CIOs to move to the next generation of business-driven solutions."The priorities of CEOs must be dealt with by CIOs who exist in a…


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