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A CISO AND the cost of a data

The 2012 Cost of Data Breach Study conducted provides some valuable information about the average cost of an enterprise data breach. The study, released in March’13, also recognized that organizations with a chief information security officer (CISO) in place experienced reduced costs for data breaches, which is right on target from my experience.

I am right in suspecting that an organization without a CISO is more prone to a security fault.

The role of a…


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CISO and the business

I have seen many blogs, articles and most of them stated as, CISO need the ability to adopt the business. The role of the CISO in any organisation is to protect the business and bring the operations under secured mode, under the policy defined, governance so on and so forth. So obviously he has to aware of the business, competition and more than that the risk to the organisation and compliance matter.

Here I am putting this in other side of the context. Does business also need to…


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CISO – You need to speak NOW..

If you start off blowing the whistle too quickly, too early on — and believe me, early in my career, I did — I didn't make any friends, didn't get any further with the program of work I was trying to do.

 You are going to discover some very, very ugly things. The secret that I have personally found is when you find the ugly stuff, don't go trumpet it to everybody and say, 'Hey, I've found all these flaws’.

 Instead, what you need to do is to sit with the IT operations staff,…


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Information Lock-in vs Sharing

On 2nd July 2013, National Cyber Security Poilicy has been released. First point in the preamble is an eye opener. It says " Cyberspace is a complex environment consisting of interactions between people, software and services supported by worldwide distribution of information and communication technology (ICT) devices and networks".

Enterprise information security is more than just protecting against viruses. The collaborative and diverse nature of modern business means that…


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How much Secure is Safe?

Regardless of how safe and secure any organisation may think its IT infrastructure is, they realize that they are still not immune to information security threats. In addition to deploying the right tools and technology, organisations globally needs to develop a robust and competent workforce equipped with the necessary skills to adequately defend its IT infrastructures. These cyber defenders need not just basic trained to sufficiently defend against mounting security threats, more than…


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Proactive Security Management - “The next BIG focus“

IT Trends and challenges:

World is becoming Instrumental, Interconnected and Intelligent. IT security teams in enterprises are faced with rapidly mutating threats at every possible point of entry. This is fuelled by the fast evolution of threat landscape and sea of changes in network and security architecture.

  • Changing network paradigm
  • Network has taken center stage – Wired or wire-free
  • Excitement starts from data center
  • BIG data – A true…

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Future Proofing – Protecting the “IT” arena

IT arena is like a security battle ground, where internet is fundamentally open considering the major far-ends like social media, mobility, cloud, virtualisation etc which leads to targeted attacks.

On any given day; any organisation can suffer irreparable harm at the hands of cyber- attackers. No organisation is too small or too big for this.

Unfortunately this battle field is not symmetric. The attackers have the clear advantage. Defenders have to protect a wide perimeter…


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Changing Landscape of IT Security. How should a CISO prepare for the battle?

We have developed the myth that technology can be an effective fortress – We can have security.

Traditional focus on:

  • Better Firewalls
  • Boundary Intrusion Detection
  • Critical Offsite Capacity…

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