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Teaching AI to be Evil with Unethical Data

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is only as good as its training. For AI Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) frameworks, the training data sets are a crucial element that defines how the system will operate. Feed it skewed or biased information and it will create a flawed inference engine. …


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Profiling White-Hat Vulnerability Researchers

Bugcrowd has released some interesting survey data that provides insights into the white-hat vulnerability researcher community.

Of note, most researchers were male (94%) and make less than $25k per year finding vulnerabilities. A vast majority were motivated by contributing to the well-being of others (93%), while only 19% focused on financial…


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Killer Drones to be Available on the Global Arms Markets

Turkey may be the first customer for the Kargu series of weaponized suicide drones specifically developed for military use.  These semi-autonomous devices have been in development since 2017 and will eventually be upgraded to operate collectively as an autonomous swarm to conduct mass synchronized attacks. …


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Intel Designs Chips to Protect from ROP Attacks

Intel comes late to the game but will be delivering an embedded defense for Return Oriented Programming (ROP) types of cyber hacks. I first blogged about this back in Sept…


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Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on COVID-19 Business Impact

Leadership requires dealing with ambiguous situations.  The ability to adapt to unforeseen crisis events is a crucial skill for cybersecurity and strategy professionals.  Nobody saw Covid-19 coming a year ago, yet as it has swept across the globe it has impacted the world economy, disrupted longstanding business operations, and affected the everyday…


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Expert Panel Discusses Cybersecurity in the New Normal

Watch panelists Chris Roberts, G. Mark Hardy, and Matthew Rosenquist at VShield 2020

I had the honor to be on a distinguished panel with the incredibly knowledgeable G. Mark Hardy and the infamous white-hat hacker Chris Roberts.  We discussed the evolution of cyber resilience, agility, and innovation in these troubling times. …


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Curiosity Labs Opens Free Test-Track for Autonomous Vehicle Innovation

It is always nice to see projects that are open and free to use, to advance technology in secure, private, and safe ways.  Curiosity Labs provides startups and established companies a no-cost real-world testing infrastructure to innovate smart city and transportation technologies. 

When autonomous…


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AI and Cybersecurity Awareness Podcast - Cyber Risk Leaders Tell All

How will AI change the strategies of cybersecurity?  Where will we see the first big impacts of attackers using AI? 

Watch the Cyber Risk Leaders podcast... 

Shamane Tan and Carmen Marsh were wonderful hosts. I had a fantastic time talking about AI and cybersecurity in the Cyber Risk Leaders…


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Misunderstanding the Economic Factors of Cybercrime

A new study by Cambridge Cybercrime Centre titled Cybercrime is (often) boring: maintaining the infrastructure of cybercrime economies concludes that cybercrime is boring and recommends authorities change their strategy to highlight the tedium in order to dissuade the growth of…


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Top 50 Privacy Leaders by Thinkers360

Being a champion for digital privacy is no easy task.  The perception of privacy and its importance is constantly in flux and radically different around the globe.  I am honored to be a part of this dynamic and determined community that protects and advocates for an optimal balance of privacy, security, and safety.

Much thanks to…


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Global Virtual Book Club – How AI will Change Cybersecurity

I am looking forward to discussing the emerging cybersecurity risks and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence with Carmen Marsh, CEO of Inteligenca, and 'Cyber Risk Leaders' author, Shamane Tan.  AI is a tremendously powerful tool that is evolving at a ridiculous rate and being leveraged by both cyber attackers and defenders.  It will radically…


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VShield 2020 Cybersecurity Conference

The VShield 2020 virtual conference is a can’t-miss cybersecurity event!  Friday May 22nd

Bruce Schneier is delivering the keynote and multiple rooms/tracks will be available with many great sessions and informative panels. 

I have the honor of being on the Cyber…


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Joining the EC-Council International Advisory Board for CISOs

EC-Council is a leader in providing training, sharing knowledge, and being a resource for cybersecurity professionals. 

I am excited to join the prestigious ranks of…


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10 Areas of Change in Cybersecurity for 2020

Cybersecurity in 2020 will be evolutionary but not revolutionary.  Although there is always change and churn, much of the foundational drivers remain relatively stable.  Attacks in the next 12 months are likely to persist in ways already known but taking it up-a-notch and that will lead to a steady escalation between attackers and defenders. …


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Zoom in Crisis: How to Respond and Manage Product Security Incidents

Zoom is in crisis mode, facing grave and very public concerns regarding the trust in management’s commitment for secure products, the respect for user privacy, the honesty of its marketing, and the design decisions that preserve a positive user experience.  Managing the crisis will be a major factor in determining Zooms future.

The video…


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Telehealth Benefits and Risks & 10 Healthcare cybersecurity best-practices

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing how people receive healthcare with a shift to more remote diagnosis options being rolled out as a first line of care.  The advantages are many, but as an unfortunate result, healthcare data breaches will begin to spike once again! 

Evolution of Healthcare…


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Preventing a Product Security Crisis

The video conference company Zoom has skyrocketed to new heights and plummeted to new lows in the past few weeks.  It is one of the handful of communications applications that is perfectly suited to a world beset by quarantine actions, yet has fallen far from grace because of poor security,…


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Helping Academia Succeed So Cybersecurity Can Thrive

The future of technology is at risk as there are not enough skilled cybersecurity workers to fulfill the demands for keeping digital technology secure, private, and safe to use.  Some estimates predict there will be over 3 million unfilled positions by 2021.  This shortage undermines security…


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My Pursuit Intensifies to Secure Digital Technology

For over 30 years I have continually sought-out new professional challenges, been enticed at opportunities to overcome near-impossible obstacles, and have taken on new roles to further the cybersecurity industry. 

It is time for the next big move and contribution.

I am fortunate that the opportunities throughout my career have aligned…


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Cybersecurity Issues and Trends - Interview with CybxSecurity

My recent interview with Mark Byrne, from Cybx Security, covered a great range of cybersecurity questions, including new threats and solutions, Artificial Intelligence, DevSecOps, cybercrime, security impacts of Coronavirus, and the future of cybersecurity. 


One of the most…

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