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Is the Coronavirus Creating Data Breaches?

[Posted on Behalf of Dan Lohrmann Chief Strategist & Chief Security Officer Security mentor, Inc. ]

From telework mistakes, to virus-related phishing links, to new work processes to nation-state hackers, here’s how the coronavirus creates new opportunities for cybercriminals.

 Trevor is working from home for the first time. He loves the freedom and flexibility, but doesn’t read his company’s new BYOD policy. Sadly, he misses the fact that his home PC…


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A Quantified Approach to Cybersecurity Risk Management

[Posted on Behalf of Steve King, Director, Cybersecurity Advisory Services  Information Security Media Group (ISMG) ]
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment should be a hot topic these days. How else can you not only convince your board and management team that you need to do something to protect against cyber-attacks, but also be able to communicate for once in a language they understand?

What if Equifax knew that their risk was quantified at more than $1.4B (as…

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Innovation & Growth

[Posted on Behalf of Subbu Iyer Founder and chief Designer Hreemm ]

The Process of Innovation

Globally the understanding of the Process of Innovation has been driven as a populist understanding of Ideas Management. That probably worked when the rate of innovation and the expectations of growth were spaced incrementally. That equation cannot work when the socio-economic demand is exponential both in terms of time and…


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When Will You Go Back To The Office – If Ever?

[Posted on Behalf of Dan Lohrmann, Chief Strategist & Chief Security Officer Security mentor, Inc.]
As the governments lift stay-at-home emergency orders, organizations are grappling with what it means to reopen offices. What will change? Will telework be the new normal? Let's explore.

By any measure, the number of professionals working from home (WFH) has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Public and private sector organizations quickly adopted telework…

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Amidst working from home, secure the “Home WiFi” network

[Posted on Behalf of Archie Jackson,  Senior Director and Head of IT & IS Incedo Inc]

There is a #global new normal during the #COVID19 #pandemic of working from home. Be it any industry, the mode of operation has limited to the boundaries of residences.

Listing down 10 important measures to strengthen the controls of security & privacy for your Home-Office WiFi.

 1.      Default Router…


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Incident Response. Missing?

[Posted on Behalf of Rajeev Shukla, Chief Strategy officer Castellum Labs]
Incident Response. Picture of a Failed One !

Recent Wipro fiasco on Breach reported by noted security researcher, Brian Krebs, is a study in either lacking incident response, or else, a mismanaged (or shall I use the word as muddled) incident response.
For the uninitiated ...

Kreb reported a potential breach of Wipro, where its systems were compromised and then…

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Curve-jumping" in Security Operations and SOAR Technologies

[Posted on Behalf of  Anton Chuvakin Security Strategy - chronicle  Google ] 

Lets think about this together -- can you really jump to the “next curve” in security, or do you have to travel the entire journey from the old ways to the cutting edge?

This is a harder question than it appears and there are temptations on both sides of the argument. Also, there are false answers on both sides, tempting though they may be (e.g.…


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Strategy - How CISOs Build Their Road Map

[Posted on behalf of Gary Hayslip CISO  Softbank Investment advisor]
Recently, I addressed a group of security professionals, and our discussion was on how CISOs develop their strategy. I found many in the audience had no idea how security executives develop strategy, nor were they comfortable that strategic plans could be changed or quickly discarded.

As I sit in an airplane flying to London, I am thinking about my answers that evening. In speaking to the…

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Security in Super Connected World (IoT Security)

[Posted on Behalf of Rajeev Shukla, Chief Strategy officer Castellum Labs ]

Introduction to IoT Phenomenon (Internet of Things)

Computing and its pervasiveness

In the last few decades more and mode devices have been connected to the internet and to each other.…


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Cross-post: About Threat Intel Retro-Matching

[Posted on Behalf of  Anton Chuvakin, Security Strategy - chronicle Google] 

So you recall my recent post about TI matching to security telemetry like logs in near real-time? I did say that most threat intelligence (TI, also called“threat data” in this post) comes from past observations of badness. In fact, the whole model of value for threat intelligence is that even though such badness is past for the initial observer, it is a likely future…


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How may I help You (That little Chatbot in your website) !

[Posted on Behalf of Pushkal Mishra, AVP IT & CISO  HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Ltd ]

There has been a wide adoption of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in the last few years. You might have seen them in chat rooms or on companies’ websites providing you information about Insurance, Banking products, Customer support or smart speakers or even inside your favorite Barbie doll, now a conversational doll !

As per…


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Crosspost: [Not Really About] Top 10 SIEM Log Sources in Real Life

[Posted on Behalf of  Anton Chuvakin, Security Strategy - chronicle Google] 

One of the most common questions I received in my nalyst years of covering SIEM and other security monitoring technologies was “what data sources to integrate into my SIEM first?”

And of course the only honest answer to this question is: it depends on your security monitoring use cases and how you prioritize them.Naturally, some people then ask…


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Maintaining Data Security & Privacy with Learning Machines

[Posted on Behalf of Archie Jackson, Senior Director and Head of IT & IS   Incedo Inc]

AI is a huge ecosystem of tools, languages, frameworks with functions ranging from data ingestion, data pre-processing, modeling, model evaluation, integration, visualization, packaging & deployment, etc.

Multiple stakeholders’ groups ranging from traditional software engineers to machine learning engineers, data scientists…


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A Mentor's Advice

[Posted on Behalf of Gary Hayslip,  CISO Softbank Investment advisor ]

In my 20+ years as an information technology and cybersecurity professional, I have had the privilege to work with and mentor some amazing people. I have learned as a CIO and as a CISO sometimes you don’t always get to pick the teams you build and sometimes you inherit interesting employees from previous leaders. Even with these less than ideal situations, you…


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Is Your Organization Prepared For a Digital Future?

[Posted on Behalf of Subbu Iyer, Founder and chief Designer Hreemm]

In 2015 and 2017, PETER WEILL AND STEPHANIE L. WOERNER surveyed several hundred enterprises, examining both the capabilities needed for transformation and the impacts on performance. Based on our analysis, companies in the future-ready quadrant performed much better than their industry peers. According to the authors whose article is published in the 2018 Winter Edition of…


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Data Privacy and Biometrics

[Posted on Behalf of Steve King,  Director, Cybersecurity Advisory Services at Information Security Media Group (ISMG) ]

Biometrics, while an element of data security, is a unique attribute that should be treated in an extraordinary fashion.

Passwords and MFA data are useful to attackers, but facial, retina and fingerprint scans open a whole new world of threat.

DNA is also coming soon.

It is…


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Management in time of AI and ML

[Posted on Behalf of Rajeev Shukla, Founder and CEO, Castellum Labs] 

The world around you is altering in irrevocable ways. Software/s is eating the whole sectors, not just the jobs, anymore. Within next decade, "The Enterprises" and "The Jobs", will take on a very different meaning. Some key questions ... !

How and what will be job profile of the future?

What would it mean for people who are to manage…


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19 Things I followed in 2019 & continue to...

[Posted on Behalf of Archie Jackson, Senior Director and Head of IT & IS Incedo Inc]
C>O>P>I>S: Customer is the center of the universe. Everyone around us are customers tangibly or intangibly, including self. 

Solve Problems: Be the problem solver. If you think you can solve a problem, do not hesitate.... dive in and attempt. 

Compete with self: Local competitions are underestimation. We are a small dot in the entire…

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Can I Have Decent Detection and Visibility on a Badly Managed Network?

[Posted on Behalf of Anton Chuvakin, Security Strategy - chronicle Google]

Let me ask you this: do smaller businesses (say, SMBs) get more security vendor lies than large enterprises? My past analyst experience certainly seems to suggest so. When I was an analyst, the most ridiculous claims, the craziest “features” and the sleaziest marketing decks were most often seen from the vendors that target just such businesses. The word “target” here is…


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Who will pay for your cyber liabilities?

[Posted on Behalf of Pushkal Mishra AVP IT & CISO HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Ltd)

The 2019 edition of Symantec threat report reveals that:

- One in 10 URLs are malicious

- More than 70 million records stolen from poorly configured *S3 buckets

- 56% rise in web attacks with an average of 4,800 websites compromised each month

- Enterprise *ransomware up by…


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