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Its time CISO’s use AI to strengthen information security!

Artificial intelligence, and machine learning are not merely a buzz word but is increasingly becoming part of hacker’s tool kit. AI tools are getting more sophisticated with time and aiding hackers to hack data covertly.

Hackers are able to perform more rapid attacks and develop intelligent malware to hack the valuable data. The pace and scale which AI brings is incredulous. The perils are not only due to hackers becoming increasingly ingenious but our inability to keep up to the pace…


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How to implement a Robust Information Security Awareness Programs

The notorious hackers are increasingly planting more sophisticated attack. With Social engineering and phishing emails proliferating each day, having a strong and robust security awareness program is of paramount importance for securing company’s assets.

 The Employees are the key enablers to the business, but one should be mindful of the fact that they also posses access to company’s classified information. Hence it is inevitable to train employees on security…


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CISO's Guide to Convince Management for Budget

It is an arduous task to convince management to sanction information security budgets. An additional hurdle arises from the fact that most security professionals have a technical background, and hence face difficulties in clearly explaining to executive management the need for information security budgets and investments.

Information security professionals must learn to be adept at educating senior management on desirable security objectives for the organization, and convincingly…


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