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Making your System Impenetrable with Penetration Testing

It cannot be argued that as the global march of digitization continues to grow unchecked, it has brought high convenience, shorter delivery times, cost-effectiveness, and unprecedented access to the customer base for the organizations. However, this myriad of benefits is also accompanied by the curse of privacy and security breaches that are encountered by the companies invariably. The distressing increase in the number of cyber-attacks against the companies…


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Is Penetration Testing on your 2020 To-Do List?

If you’re thinking that the industry you’re operating in is safe from cybersecurity threats then you might have to think again. In this article, we’ll specifically discuss the implications of breaches on healthcare businesses and why is annual penetration testing important for them.

The healthcare sector is no different when it comes to paying the price for poor security systems. Information security experts warn…


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What to Look for in a Bug Tracking Tool

Issue tracking can often be a tedious and annoying task. With several bugs happening at the same time, it becomes important to use bug tracking tools for your teams. This has become even more important in today’s era when there is fierce competition for high-quality products. While developers are well-equipped to deal with bugs, there is no easy way to keep track of them. This is where bug tracking tools come in. The primary purpose of these tools is to manage…


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Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Test Case Management Tool

There are a variety of test case management tools out there, each with different capabilities and capacities. This market is not short of old standard tools that have been around since ages or the new ones offering a different level of sophistication. So, before you spend your money or even effort while searching for the right tool, you must know what the right tool is.  …


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5 Biggest Data Breaches of The 21st Century: The Facts and Stats

Security breaches continue to make headlines as more and more data is being compromised each day. With no end in sight, this threat is growing at a fast rate. Here are some statistics about data breaches in recent times:

  • Data breaches since 2013: 14.7 billion
  • A major chunk of breaches: North America…

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