Passwords and Fingerprints and Faces—Oh My! Comparing Old and New Authentication

People use more passwords today than ever before. But with the advent of Apple’s latest iPhone releases and its TouchID and FaceID technologies, we’ll begin to see a wider acceptance of some biometrics methods like fingerprint and facial scanning. This session will assess the security of these methods compared to the tried and true password.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand the password’s history and an overview of biometrics.
2: Understand the security pros and cons of passwords versus biometrics.
3: Obtain tips for creating a password/biometrics authentication stack.

Speaker: Jackson Shaw

Jackson Shaw is Senior Director of Product Management for One Identity’s Identity and Access Management product line. Prior to One Identity, Shaw was an integral member of Microsoft’s Identity and Access Management product management team within the Windows Server Marketing group at Microsoft. While at Microsoft he was responsible for product planning and marketing around Microsoft’s identity and access management products including Active Directory and Microsoft Identity Manager. Shaw began his identity management career as an early employee at Toronto-based Zoomit Corp., the pioneer in the development of meta-directory products who Microsoft acquired in 1999. Shaw has been involved in directory, meta-directory and security initiatives and products since 1988.

Detailed Presentation:

(Source: RSA Conference USA 2018)

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