Over 18 years, RSAC Innovation Sandbox contest brings cybersecurity's new innovators to put the spotlight on their potentially game-changing ideas. Each year, 10 finalists grab the spotlight for a three-minute pitch while demonstrating groundbreaking security technologies to the broader RSA Conference community. Since the start of the contest, the top 10 finalists have collectively seen over 75 acquisitions and $12.48 billion in investments. (Source : RSA Conference)



AnChain.AI (www.anchain.ai) is an AI-powered cybersecurity company enhancing blockchain security, risk, and compliance strategies. Blockchain Xcelerator.



Astrix Security

Astrix provides holistic visibility into all non-human connections and identities - automatically detects and remediates over-privileged, unnecessary, misbehaving and malicious app-to-app connections to prevent supply chain attacks, data leaks and compliance violations.




Dazz is a cloud security company specializing in protecting cloud development environments. The platform helps solve vulnerabilities and prevents risks in cloud development environments.




Endor Labs

Endor Labs offers a dependency lifecycle management tool that facilitates the security and maintenance of Open Source Software.



Hidden Layer

HiddenLayer’s patent-pending solution provides a noninvasive, software-based platform that monitors the inputs and outputs of your machine learning algorithms for anomalous activity consistent with adversarial ML attack techniques. Response actions are immediate with a flexible response framework to protect your ML.




 Pangea Cyber wants to change that with an API-driven approach to adding security to an application, making it as easy as adding a few lines of code.




Manage privacy, data governance, and compliance operations seamlessly, all on a single, intuitive platform.




The Smart Trust Center for sharing your security posture and automating access to sensitive documents.



Valence Security

Valence Security collaboratively remediates SaaS data, supply chain and identity risks through automated policy enforcement.




Advancing Homomorphic Encryption for a More Private Internet





  • Niloofar Razi Howe, Sr. Operating Partner, Energy Impact Partners
  • Paul Kocher, Researcher, Independent Researcher
  • Shlomo Kramer, Co-founder and CEO, Cato Networks
  • Barmak Meftah, Co-founder and Partner, Ballistic Ventures
  • Executive Vice-President, Bus Dev, Strategy and Ventures, Microsoft


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