Top 5 Network Forensic tools for Q1 2017

  • Network Forensics is related to the monitoring and analysis of network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, legal evidence collection also to detect and identify any intrusion. Network investigation deals with volatile and dynamic data. Often network traffic is transmitted and can be lost thus network forensic must be a proactive process rather than just being reactive. This article provides you a list of top Network Forensic tools.


  • Here are the top Network Forensic tools to watch out for in Network Forensic market:



  • NIKSUN NetDetector is a full-featured appliance for network security monitoring built on NIKSUN’S award-winning NikOS architecture. It is the only security monitoring appliance that integrates signature-based IDS functionality with statistical anomaly detection, analytics and deep forensics with full-application reconstruction and packet level decodes. Recognized as the industry’s best security monitoring and forensics appliance to safeguard against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Users are informed of security breaches and attacks as they occur and can automatically initiate interdiction actions to prevent the malicious traffic from entering the network. Users can quickly answer critical questions such as how a breach occurred, what data was exfiltrated, what was compromised, who was affected, and what corrective measures need to be initiated.
  • To know more visit: Niksun NetDetector Product Page



  • Netscout Arbor Spectrum addresses these challenges by serving as a force multiplier for the security team, regardless of their size and expertise levels. Not only does it provide unprecedented visibility into network activity and quickly surface high-priority issues, it enables security teams to detect and investigate incidents in a far more efficient and complete fashion. By automating and orchestrating key incident response and security operations workflows, security teams can scale up – accomplishing far more with existing staff and resources.
  • To know more visit: Netscout Network Spectrum Product Page



  • LogRhythm Network Monitor When attackers compromise the perimeter or are operating from within, you need to know. Evidence of intruders and insider threats lies within network communications. Detect network-based threats with real-time network monitoring and big data analytics. Expedite investigations by giving your incident responders access to rich network forensics data. Get the visibility you need with Network Monitor.
  • To know more visit: Logrhythm Network Monitor Product Page



  • Savvius vigil automates the collection of network traffic needed for security investigations, both reducing the likelihood of a breach, minimizing their impact. Even breaches not discovered for months can be effectively investigated using Vigil. Savvius Vigil, which integrates with all leading IDS/IPS systems, includes Omnipeek, award-winning network forensics software.
  • To know more visit: Savvius Vigil Product Page



  • PacketSled automates incident response by fusing business context, AI, entity enrichment and detection with network visibility.  Used for real-time analysis and response, PacketSled’s platform leverages continuous stream monitoring and retrospection to provide network forensics and security analytics.  Used by breach response teams worldwide, security analysts and SOC teams can integrate PacketSled’s deep network context into their playbooks, SIEMS, or by itself to dramatically reduce investigation time, cost and expertise required to respond to persistent threats, malware, insider attacks, and nation state espionage efforts.  The company has been named an innovator in leading publications and by security analysts, including SC Magazine, earning a perfect score in the online fraud group test.


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