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We have blocked Zoom meeting from corporate devices & network.. how many of you are following this practice?

Information: Yesterday, The Intercept reported that Zoom video calls are not end-to-end encrypted, although the company’s claims that they are. Additionally, two security researchers found a Zoom bug that could be used to steal Windows passwords, while another researcher found two new bugs that could be abused to take over a Zoom user’s Mac, which includes tapping into the webcam and microphone.

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  • Moved all ours and clients communications to Uber Conference by Dialpad.com. 

  • Hi Shitanshu,

    Do you have a roadmap for migration to MS Teams, hopefully to leverage all functions? 

  • We use BlueJeans and Cisco Webex.

    Though we have Ms Teams, we have not started using it actively. Can any one share a roadmap they used to deploy Teams, hopefully with full features?

  • We are strictly advised employees to start using MSFT TEAMS
  • Hello All,


    We are stopped using zoom and jumped to Team due to security backlash.communicated to IT team to uninstall the same.
  • We are not using Zoom as official tool for collaboration....except some instances for troubleshooting sessions with OEM.

  • We are actively Migrating to MS-Teams and it was well before the vulnerabilities identified.

     However still it is going to take couple of weeks considering the extensive usage and user friendliness.

  • We 'IT' unit have received a number of queries from users regarding Zoom. We have acknowledged that is a 'good' VC tool. However, it is not one of our standard applications and have an alternative product, scalable, cloud-based that works with different end-points including room systems seamlessly.

    We are also evaluating Ms Teams.

  • We have not blocked Zoom meeting considering the fact that some of our client's meetings scheduled on Zoom.

  • (Consolidated answer posted on behalf of CISO members)

    Reply 1: You can use MS Team's or Blue Jeans

    Reply 2-  Cisco WebEx

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