Restriction on Camera of Mobile phone

We  want to restrict Camera of Mobile in specific area of our organization. Can any one put some light on this issue, how we can avail this functionality.


Subhash Singh  Punjabi


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  • 1) If its company owned devices the use MDM / BES Client on Mobile Device by which we can block Camera

    2) Physical Security : Prepare policy and guideline in which users are not allowed to carry-in mobile phone in that restricted area and the same to be handed-over to security guard


  • The same kind of situation i faced sometime back and there are some of the steps that we took

    Get a Physical security policy in place which should cover the : Access Control process for employees point

    Also put in place the Apex Policy section Handheld devices – “The use of camera cell-phones is restricted unless authorized

    With this there are some of the risk that we highlighted to the management team and took a sign off on the same and hence it is allowed to a certain level of people in the organization 

  • Dear Subhash,

    Citrix has got a solution for this, called enterprise MDM. It can support both Android and IOS. It can block camera based on location too.Below is a brief about it.

    You can do much more than camera blocking. Its like controlling every functionality of the mobile. Go through  below to see more on it.

    Hope that helps.



  • This could be considered as a first step in your direction.

  • Theoretically, If you have API access to the camera's software you can build some custom software and sensor with distance detectors etc to automatically disable the camera in your defined zones. You can use Faraday caging to jam signals but not the camera. 

    I do not know of any MDM or MEM solution which can do the above. Does anybody have any idea?

    Probably the most practical solution is to have physical access control. 

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