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What are your strategies for using Zoom in your organization after recent vulnerabilities in news about Zoom platform?

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Information: Yesterday, The Intercept reported that Zoom video calls are not end-to-end encrypted, although the company’s claims that they are. Additionally, two security researchers found a Zoom bug that could be used to steal Windows passwords, while another researcher found two new bugs that could be abused to take over a Zoom user’s Mac, which includes tapping into the webcam and microphone.

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  • After the detection of vulnerabilities in Zoom, presently we have restricted usage to:

    1) Meetings on non-critical issues

    2) General Staff interactions

    3) Education & Training Sessions

    until they come out with secure solutions.

    We do not conduct any Board & Top Management meetings and interactions on sensitive matters using Zoom.

  • Zoom 5.0 update now available: All the new security and privacy features explained. You can refer recent update from https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/151927-new-zoom-update. However, in our organization we are using MSFT teams.

    New Zoom update: 5.0 is out with security, privacy changes
    Many of these changes are an attempt to curb “Zoom bombing".
  • Refer to recent posts of tech. analyst, it seems that Zoom app is vulnerable to security as it does not have end to end encryption. They claim it but actually their end to end encryption is between host/ guest to Zoom server and it gets decrypted at their Server end which indicates that they are able to store and view the information being transferred over zoom app.

  • Although we are not a user and use Microsoft teams but I personally feel that end to end encryption should not be a concern to lot of organisations however windows credential stealing is a big concern and zoom is patching everyday to patch this on various platforms
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