CISO Platform Annual Conference will happen in February 2020 (dedicated conference to make Security Decisions). Security Trends, Insights, Implementations, Success & Failure factors ... we want to share with you relevant insights that will empower you to stay ahead of cyber security threats.

We strive to be the most relevant Cyber Security Conference for you and wanted you to tell us what interests you the most... 

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    • Prevention and communication plan in case of a security breach.
    • Zero trust approach to Cyber Security.
    • Cloud migration strategy for security professionals.
    • Threat hunting is a luxury or a must requirement in today’s security landscape.
  • One of the members in our group messaged me the below:

    1> Panel Discussion on "Dark Web - Is it CISOs friend or foe"?

    2> Harnessing the power of cloud security solutions in cost effective ways

  • How to safegaurd against Phishing Attacks?
    Actionable Security Program for Small & Medium Sized Organizations
    What does AI & ML change for a Security leader?

  • With massive cyber attacks & huge penalties that we have seen recently I would be interested in the below:

    1> Checklist to Respond to Cyberattacks

    2> How to deal with risk exposure throughout multilayered risk environments

    3> Risks & Opportunities that AI, ML & IoT are bring in for Security Leaders

    4> How to get the board support security initiatives (basically how to get budget from the board for security initiatives)

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