After Target, it's Michaels. While they diagnosed one case, bumpers have been coming all the way through Christmas. Retail chain is out of wits. It's like the accident count, where the actual count is never known, plenty devices are probably unaware of unauthorised access. But it is not less apprehended how important it is getting to know what-to-do-once-victim?

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A 2012 study of 2,618 business leaders and security practitioners in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong and Brazil found that they experienced an average of 66 attacks per week, with organizations in Germany and the U.S. reporting the highest numbers: 82 and 79 per week, respectively.

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What Report Says?

-Business objectives and Risk tolerance

-Proactive security plan

-Today's Inevitable Sophisticated Attack

-Building a culture of security awareness.

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