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CISOPlatform Summit: Stronger Together As A Community Join us on 30th May, Thursday, Shangri-La at Bangalore CISOPlatform Summit is Asia's largest IT security conference with focus on helping the community through collaboration, making better…
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Apr 4
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[1/2 Day] Technical Workshop: (Hands On) Finetuning GenAI for Hacking and Defending
This workshop is designed for a technical audience including Appsec Pentesters, Security Engineers, Security Architects, and AI/ML practitioners,…
Mar 14
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Mar 13
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Technical Workshop: (Hands On) Finetuning GenAI for Hacking and Defending [Book My Seat]
Trainer: Jitendra Chauhan & Abhisek Datta
Jitendra Chauhan (IIT Kgp Alumni)
Creator of Bad Llama, How to Turn Good Llama into a Toxic Llama | Chief…
Feb 20
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I am highly excited to tell you the most exciting event and all the buzz of CISOPlatform Summit is back ! Further more I am more excited because now is the time when we will receive your innovation, those billions of papers and the most exciting…
Feb 9
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Annual Summit & SACON Is Back !  Asia’s 1st Security Architecture Conference 16-17 May, Bangalore, India
Exciting News ! Annual Summit & SACON (Security Architecture Conference) is back in 2024. We have been receiving lots of queries from the…
Jan 31
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Dubai Meetup (Partial List):


Gulf News
Information Security Manager

Anax Holding, Satsport

Gulfnews Al Nisr Publishing L.l.C
Head of Information Security Governance Risk and Compliance


Ministry of…
Jan 22
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Introduction: Understanding the SolarWinds Breach and Its Fallout
The SolarWinds breach marked a turning point in the way cybersecurity is perceived and managed. As organizations grapple with the aftermath, it becomes imperative for CISOs, CIOs, and…
Dec 13, 2023
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In a recent CISO Panel Discussion, cybersecurity heavyweights Matthew Rosenquist, Jim Routh, and Michael W. Reese delved into the intricacies of the SolarWinds Breach, unraveling its legal implications and the far-reaching…
Dec 11, 2023
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Welcome to a riveting discussion with cybersecurity maestros Dan Lohrmann, Danielle Cox, and Michael Gregg, who unravel the hottest trends shaping the cyber landscape for State Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in 2023. As we…
Dec 6, 2023
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- Prabhakar Ramakrishnan, CISO, TNQ Publishing
- Dr. Jagannath Sahoo, CISO, Gujarat fluorochemicals
Dec 5, 2023
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Dec 5, 2023
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We had Chennai Task Force session on "Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP): Practical approach for CISOs" by Our community members. The bill aims to protect individual data and regulate data practices. CISOs should be aware of the new…
Dec 5, 2023
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Today’s session is a CISO Panel on SolarWinds Breach: Legal Implications And CISO Ramifications Our speakers are Matthew Rosenquist (CISO, Inc),  Jim Routh (Former CISO JP Morgan & Chase, Chief Trust Officer Saviynt), Michael W. Reese (CIO…
Nov 30, 2023
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In the fast-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, staying informed about recent breaches and understanding their legal implications is crucial for security professionals. In this blog post, we delve into the SolarWinds breach, examining the legal…
Nov 29, 2023