Building trust and Enabling innovation for voice enabled IOT

Building trust and Enabling innovation for voice enabled IOT

Voice enabled technology provides developers with great innovation opportunities as well as risks. The Voice Privacy Alliance created a set of 39 Agile security stories specifically for voice enabled IoT products as part of the Voice Privacy Innovation Toolkit. These security stories help product owners and security developer focals bake security into their voice enabled products to save time, money and decrease incidents and reputation damage. This is a very practical, hands-on tool for developers that the Voice Privacy Alliance believes is needed to secure voice enabled technologies and promote innovation.


Lynn Terwoerds

Lynn Terwoerds has over 20 years in IT and IT Security, working 10 years with Microsoft, including the MSRC and Trustworthy Computing. She also worked as the head of Security Architecture and Engineering at Barclays Bank, and four years with Oracle's Health Sciences Global Business Unit. She is currently the Executive Director of the Executive Women's Forum for Information Security, Privacy and Risk Management, and co-founded the Voice Privacy Alliance.

Detailed Presentation:

(Source: Black Hat USA 2016, Las Vegas)


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