Check list for Work from Home Amidst COVID 19

This is posted on behalf of Ashish Khanna, Assistant Vice President - Corporate IT for EIH Limited (Oberoi Group).

Due to CORONA virus most of the organizations are allowing their employees to work form home.Here is a checklist for work from home amidst COVID-19.

Check list for Work from Home Amidst COVID 19:

  • First thing IT should check is the remote working capability in case of Work From Home (WHF) is required

  • Segregate laptop and desktop users first.

  • Desktop users should be allowed for “use your own device” or company-owned or rented laptops

  • Deploy the endpoint monitoring agents and restrict the access as per the role, responsibility and company policies 

  • Segregate and define productive applications

  • Check readiness of access of all critical application over on Web/VPN

  • Use messenger, file sharing, VC Meeting and screen sharing solution to avoid the travelling. (i.e. Team, Webex, GoTo Meeting, Skype etc.)

  • Use WhatsApp so that people get update for the quick task

  • Refer all organization email communications very seriously

  • Vendor, Buyers/Suppliers should also enable for digital platform like VC meeting and emails

  • Organizations must enable digital payment capability immediately if it is not there

  • Use Wifi/Data Card/Hot Spot for the network connectivity

  • To support above action items data Security and access management must be reviewed and validated by IT Team

  • Single source of information handled by HR & Corporate

  • Communication Team: Organization should have dedicated hotline/email id for emergency services (Employees can share their health condition and seek emergency support and care services) in case of any emergency

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