In the realm of cybersecurity, the quest for the best antivirus to shield against ransomware remains a paramount concern for organizations worldwide. While antivirus software plays a crucial role in detecting and mitigating threats, it's essential to recognize that initial footholds can occur on servers and devices where traditional antivirus solutions may not be present. In today's discussion, we delve into strategies to mitigate the risk of initial footholds and explore the efficacy of various antivirus solutions, including Microsoft Defender and Kaspersky, in combating ransomware threats.



Here is the verbatim discussion:

so what is the best antivirus to protect from ransomware this is very interesting now the ENT the first thing we have to um you know discuss is that initial foothold actually can also happen on servers which you may not install antiviruses which may be devices you know Linux devices which probably have which may not have antiviruses installed but then there are many better versions available uh like kasperski I think we used to use Microsoft Defender I think is doing pretty well um then then there are various you know xdr Solutions available but these all antiviruses and XTR Solutions I think works after initial foothold and what we have covered is is how to reduce how to even you know mitigate uh the chance of getting initial foothold right um so that's how it is U I think Microsoft Defender and you know 2021 which is uh one liity is B file server and this is and it attack surfaces is also extremely large this is a pretty common you know open source you HTTP server used for um you know file you know storing and exchanging files and uh one of the one liity here again is uh which can you know allow attacker to read sensitive information on the local file itself which include credentials of course and as a result um it is easy to exploit.



Understanding Initial Footholds:

  • Initial footholds can occur on servers and devices, including Linux systems, where traditional antivirus software may not be deployed.
  • Mitigating the risk of initial footholds requires proactive measures beyond antivirus solutions, focusing on vulnerability management and security hygiene.

Evaluating Antivirus Solutions:

  • Microsoft Defender, renowned for its integration with Windows systems, offers robust protection against ransomware and other malware threats.
  • Kaspersky antivirus is another reputable solution known for its comprehensive threat detection capabilities and proactive defense mechanisms.
  • Emerging Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions provide advanced threat detection and response capabilities, complementing traditional antivirus software.

Addressing CVEs and Attack Surfaces:

  • CVEs targeting popular software, such as Apache HTTP Server, underscore the importance of patch management and vulnerability remediation to prevent initial footholds.
  • Securing file servers, a common target for ransomware attacks, requires robust antivirus protection and proactive security measures to mitigate vulnerabilities and safeguard sensitive information.


While selecting the best antivirus solution is crucial in defending against ransomware, organizations must adopt a multi-layered security approach that extends beyond traditional defenses. By prioritizing vulnerability management, implementing proactive security measures, and leveraging advanced antivirus solutions like Microsoft Defender and Kaspersky, organizations can enhance their resilience against ransomware threats. Additionally, staying vigilant against emerging vulnerabilities and maintaining a strong security posture are essential in mitigating the risk of initial footholds and fortifying defenses against evolving cyber threats. As organizations navigate the evolving threat landscape, embracing a holistic cybersecurity strategy is paramount to safeguarding critical assets and preserving business continuity in the face of ransomware attacks.


Jitendra Chauhan has over 16+ years of experience in the Information Security Industry in key areas such as Building and Managing Highly Scalable Platforms, Red Teaming, Penetration Testing, and SIEM. He holds multiple patents in Information Security. He loves to visualize problems, solutions and ideas. He is very strong with modelling and inductive learning (he can mentally make math models based on a few examples). He is very passionate about machine learning and its applications, Cyber Security and Micro Services.

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