CISO Webinar : Learn how to create and manage your enterprise third party risk management program

Third party vendors and suppliers often have access to your network and your organisation's confidential information. The best way to prevent a data breach is to have robust program to assess how your third parties are managing their risk and protecting your data. Organisations must have a clear understanding of the risks inherent in their business relationships with third parties. How should you approach managing third party risk?

Wayne Tufek (Frequent speaker at RSA Conference) will be joining us to discuss the topic

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What Will You Learn ?

-Discuss the major failings of traditional third party risk management programs
-Creating a supply chain awareness program
-Creating a comprehensive catalogue of vendors and suppliers
-Risk based segmentation of identified vendors and suppliers
-Risk assessment and rules based due diligence activities
-The key contractual clauses all contracts with third parties should contain and why
-Methods for continuous monitoring
-How to develop and present a supplier risk dashboard for management
-A model for a comprehensive process to effectively and efficiently manage third party risk

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