Finding Triggered Malice in Android Apps

Finding Triggered Malice in Android Apps

Traditional techniques to detect malice in Android apps struggle to identify trigger-based changes to application logic. Unfortunately, such triggers are a key component of targeted malware, where the trigger is the mechanism that ensures that the code is only executed at the target. This talk will review how static analysis can be used to detect and leverage triggers for more robust detection.


Christopher Kruegel (","@lastlinelabs";)">@lastlinelabs)

Currently on leave from his position as Professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara, Christopher Kruegel’s research interests focus on computer and communications security, with an emphasis on malware analysis and detection, web security and intrusion detection. Kruegel previously served on the faculty of the Technical University Vienna, Austria. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers in top computer security conferences and has been the recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, MIT Technology Review TR35 Award for young innovators, IBM Faculty Award and several best paper awards. He regularly serves on program committees of leading computer security conferences and speaks at industry events such as Black Hat and RSAC.

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(Source: RSA USA 2016-San Francisco)

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