Hacking Exposed:Why Current Security Solutions Fail

Here is an interesting webinar on the 'Insecurities of Security Products'. More often we consider the security vulnerabilities in products apart from security products. It is ironic how a product devised to provide security can also make you more susceptible to compromise. How-So will be demonstrated through a few examples.

3 Industry experts had joined us in this webinar-

  • Stuart McClure, Ex-CTO at McAfee & Lead author of 'Hacking Exposed'
  • Bikash Barai, CEO, iVIZ Security
  • Gary Golomb, Senior Researcher, Cylance

*Note the webinar was conducted in 2013, thus the information related to persons are as per the webinar timing.

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What you will Learn:

How security products can be exploited
Vulnerability trends in security products over last decade
Vulnerability statistics of Major Security Vendors /Products
Classes of Vulnerabilities in Security Products and comparative analysis

Watch Webinar Video (Scroll Down For Slides) :

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A Quick Glimpse of the Webinar Topics Covered: 

Examples of Security Products with Vulnerabilities

  • Eg. Symantec & Trend Email Appliance
  • Microsoft Auto-Update Hijacked
  • Pre-Boot Authentication Attacks
  • Vulnerabilities in Anti-Virus,VPN
    (Presented at Blackhat, vulnerabilities may have been patched now)


  • Key Findings
  • Vulnerability Trends in 'All Products' & 'Security Products'
  • Vulnerability by 'Product Types' 2012
  • Vulnerabilities by Vendors
  • Vulnerabilities in Security Products
  • Comparative Analysis- Weaknesses: 'Security Products' Vs 'All Products'

The Comparative Analysis reveals an interesting insight, security products are least vulnerable to 'SQL Injections' while highly vulnerable to 'Access Control','Input Validation' etc issues compared to all other products.

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What are the major threats in security products today? Share with us in comments below

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