We are thrilled to have received so many wonderful ideas and suggestions during the breakfast series specifically focusing on CPI findings. Here are the quick highlights!

What was the objective of the Community Breakfast?

  • Preview of CPI Findings: To present the findings and the rating done by the CISO Platform Community for various products until now. Security officers at the meet were the first to know how individual products got rated by real users. They were also the first in the world to know that. Click here to know more.
  • Preview of Product Evaluation Checklist: To discuss the draft product evaluation checklists on 12 domains (Application Security, BYOD Security, DLP/Data Security, SIEM, IT GRC Management tools…& many more). Click here to know more
  • Planning of future checklists and Decision Tools: To select the owners of checklist for each domain who could further present the checklist at the Decision Summit

About CISO Platform Index

CISO Platform Index (CPI) - Index developed based on User Satisfaction Survey by CISOs who used the vendor product on different evaluation metrics. Click here to know more.

About Vendor evaluation checklist

Every CISO creates their own checklist to evaluate vendors, however mostly a basic framework can be found common and reduce huge effort duplication. CISO Platform is working with other CISOs & domain experts to create Vendor Evaluation Checklists for 20 major security domains. Click here to know more

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Community Feedback on CPI during the Meetup

  • There was general excitement on the initial report and findings
  • Some prominent vendors were missing due to lack of ratings by their customers
  • Some prominent vendors got low ratings and did not cross the cut off. We suggested the participants to agree or disagree. There was general agreement. In cases where the participants disagreed with our initial findings we requested them to vote
  • We got around 200 more votes from customers during the series. More is merrier.
  • Some of the categorization of the products were inappropriate. Thank you for pointing those out. We will fix them before the formal launch.
  • A few CISOs agreed to volunteer in next phase of the report creation and fixing of the gaps. Thank you all.

Community Feedback on Vendor Evaluation Checklist

  • CISOs were excited about the vendor evaluation checklists
  • Excel based checklist has the flaw of being less suitable for presenting to larger audience. So we decided to create ppt and excel version for each checklist
  • We got the input that there should be explanations along with the checklist questions for removing interpretation bias.

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