IDC Report: CISOs' Guide to Enabling a Cloud Security Strategy

For years, enterprises and the security community have debated whether the cloud is more secure or less secure than the datacenter. Always a strawman argument, now that debate becomes moot. The cloud is here to stay. And the job now is to operationalize security across the datacenter and into the cloud architecture, fully covering evolving use cases and hybrid architectures along the way. We are moving towards IT architecture models that integrate all sorts of topologies from datacenter to cloud and everything in-between. IDC surveys reveal that more and more enterprises are maturing their cloud strategies toward optimization over the next two years. (See Figure 1). A cloud security model must be flexible enough to align with these highly distributed architectures across many service providers. In particular, a model should address software-as-a-service (SaaS) architectures which are the most prevalent and architecturally distinct new entrants into an IT architecture model.

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Why Read the Report? 

  • Find out the Guide to Cloud Security Strategy, SAAS Focus
  • Learn how to Asses Existing Security Solutions
  • Learn How to Architect the Cloud Application Security Model

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