Learn More About Managed Security Services (MSS)

Security services of a network are often outsourced to an outside or third party service provider. Such an outsourced security service is called Managed Security Services (MSS) and the service provider provider is called Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

Key Program Metrics:

  • Service Level Agreements :
    No of services or service hours charged and number of them given for free
  • Guaranteed response time :
    Time period starting from when a vulnberabilty is found to the time when the MSSP comes out with a protection solution for the vulberabilty

  • Percentage of market share :
    Proportion of total market share of the MSSP
  • Percentage of conformance to international standards :
    How far the MSS provided conforms to the internationally accepted standards
  • Uptime percentage :
    What percentage of time the MSSP is up during the year

Do let me know if you want us to add or modify above information.

Check out the Managed Security Services (MSS) market within FireCompass to get more information on these markets.


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