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Below is a few featured workshops

[Nullcon Training] (1/2 Day) Unlocking Secrets of Android Application Hacking

  • Speakers : Rewanth Cool (Nullcon Trainer) & Hrushikesh Kakade (Nullcon Trainer)
  • Includes : Linux Internals, Boot Process, Android Architecture, Security Architecture, Application Components, Android Debugging, Static Analysis, Application reversing, Analysing SMALI codes, Dynamic Analysis ... Know More


[DEFCON Training] (1/2 Day) The Kill Chain Workshop

  • Speakers : William Martin (CISSP, Trainer @DEFCON)
  • Includes : Penetration Testing Types & Methodologies; Preparing For A Test; External Network Attacks & Killchains; Endpoint Compromise, Evasion, and Enumeration; Internal Network Attacks & Killchains; Environment Hardening & Detection Tuning ... Know More


[Blackhat Training] (1 Day) Penetration Testing On ICS & Operational Technology

  • Speakers : Jonathan Pollet (Blackhat Trainer)
  • Includes : ICS System Overview; SCADA & ICS Protocols; Penetrating ICS Systems; Testing Methodology (OSINT, Corporate Layer, ICS protocols, Controllers Layers); ICS Defense-in-depth and Risk Management Strategy; Event Monitoring.& Logging; Security Frameworks... Know More


[OWASP Training] (1/4 Day) API Security Workshop

  • Speakers : Inon Shkedy (OWASP Trainer, Contributor)
  • Includes : Understand the underlying implementation of the application from the API traffic; Detect potential vulnerable points in APIs; Advanced exploitation techniques for: BOLA(IDOR), Mass Assignment, BFLA, Excessive Data Exposure and more; Examples for complex API exploits, which involve many steps; Perform a successful and effective pen test in modern applications ... Know More


[Industry Expert Training] (1/2 Day) How To Build Effective SOC Workshop

  • Speakers : Amit Modi (Renowned Expert | Blockchain Enthusiast)
  • Includes : What is SoC - including three pillars of SoC; What is Expected Out of SoC; Technologies Involved; SIEM Evaluation Criteria; How to Increase SoC Maturity; How to Define the Use Case; How to Build the Use Case; How to Build the SoC Processes; How SoC can be a Business Enabler; MSSP Vs. On Premise SoC; Key Consideration to run it Effectively; How to Perform Incident Management; How to Automate Incident Management; Challenges of SIEM; Evolution & Role of SOAR in Incident Management; Advantages of SOAR; Key Elements to Look For in SOAR; SOAR Evaluation Criteria ... Know More


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