For over 30 years I have continually sought-out new professional challenges, been enticed at opportunities to overcome near-impossible obstacles, and have taken on new roles to further the cybersecurity industry. 

It is time for the next big move and contribution.

I am fortunate that the opportunities throughout my career have aligned and allowed me to pursue my passions.  I have built security operations organizations, led cyber crisis teams, managed services, developed methodologies for risk and value, and contributed to innovative technologies.  Through my journeys, it has been a pleasure working with some of the brightest minds in the industry and witnessing the value of teamwork.  Through insights and guidance, I have made a point of reaching outwards to collaborate with others to navigate the turbulent waters of cybersecurity.  Much of my time is spent predicting trends, lecturing to global audiences, fostering technology, and advising major corporations, academia, and governments about risks, opportunities, and emerging threats.

Yet there is still so much to do, create, and explore!


The Next Role

It is with great excitement that I announce I am joining the Eclipz executive team as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). 

I initially joined the Eclipz Advisory Board last year after becoming truly amazed at the potential of how this technology can change the fundamentals of data transport security.  The Eclipz organization is a powerhouse startup, coming out of stealth, with a strong and elegant technology to secure data-in-transit, in ways that align with the rapidly evolving needs of the business sector.  The original technology was created and deployed for the most discerning of U.S. government agencies to securely communicate and protect highly sensitive data across untrusted endpoints and potentially hostile networks.  Now, Eclipz is bringing this vetted capability to the commercial market with additional features that align with the specialized needs of businesses.  This increases the usability, deploy-ability, and scalability which corporations and communication infrastructure providers require.


Resistance is Futile

It was not my plan to join the company.  I initially resisted it. 

After leaving Intel corporation, where I had a wide range of influence and latitude to help global cybersecurity innovation during my 24-year tenure, my time has been focused on strategic efforts to help improve the overall industry.  Attention is spread across many initiatives that I believe will shape cybersecurity for the maximum benefit to society. For this reason, I sit on many advisory boards across a range of domains, including academia, businesses, and standards bodies that intersect security.  I speak at events and to a wide variety of communities about risks and opportunities.  I advise corporations and governments regarding best practices and emerging threats.  Joining another company in a dedicated role seemed counter-intuitive to my goals, as I did not want to lessen or abandon my commitments to the other initiatives shaping the industry.  

However, board leadership was persistent. 

As part of my Eclipz advisory board duties, I helped validate the value proposition and provided insights to market adoption.  As a result, I was already well versed in how Eclipz would be a force-multiplying technology to protect data.  It was only after witnessing how the board was able to attract great talent as they filled their executive positions, that I began to consider the options.

The founders and board successfully attracted top executives from major corporations, people with impressive track records for delivering great solutions to market and building highly-effective organizations.  They were successfully assembling a sensational leadership team.  The realization resonated that I had a chance to work with superstars; professionals who have risen to the top in their fields, pursued success with vigor, and expertly navigated the challenges to deliver innovative technology to markets for the betterment of people across the globe!  

In the end, the Board of Directors was very flexible and eager in supporting my continued efforts to advance the cybersecurity industry. In fact, there is great alignment and mutual advantage between my current activities and the new CISO role at Eclipz.


My Journey Continues

My longstanding professional career mission has been to make digital technology more secure and trustworthy.  Eclipz will play an important role and there are many more initiatives I will continue to foster, contribute, and support. 

Joining the Eclipz team is the next evolution in how I help move the needle towards better security across the entire digital ecosystem.  I remain committed to my engagements across a broad spectrum in support of cybersecurity technologies, research, education, standards, privacy, collaboration, and to foster diversity.  My quest to make technology more secure will weave the new CISO role into continuing work with various Advisory Boards, select non-competing consulting, research, and public engagements. 


Teamwork Drives Success in Cybersecurity

I have been fortunate in working with amazing people, technology, and organizations across the globe who pursue a similar passion; to protect the security, privacy, and trust of digital technology. 

Along the way, I have amassed an incredible network and community of over 190k followers to share experiences, explore ideas, and discuss industry developments.  I want to thank all my colleagues for their instrumental influence, insights, and collaboration throughout the years.  I look forward to continuing to work together, as it will take tremendous teamwork to make cybersecurity stronger and technology trustworthy. 

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