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Key Points To Be Discussed : 

-AI & industry 4.0
-Brief intro AI, ML, IoT
-Security Evolution (AI related)
-Era Of Data
-AI use cases in security
-Building and deploying an intelligent security product

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About Speaker : 

Subrat Panda, Capillary Technologies, Principal Architect AI & Data Sciences
He is currently working as a Principal Architect with Capillary Technologies where he is heading AI and Data Sciences teams which builds products in the Retail domain. Prior to this he worked with a bay area based food tech startup, Taro and as a Senior architect with Nvidia and as a research engineer with IBM. He completed his BTech(2002) and PhD(2008) in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur. He is Co-Founder of IDLI(Indian Deep Learning Initiative). He has multiple patents and publications. He was previous SACON Speaker

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