A report by Frost & Sullivan found that more than 80% of survey respondents admit to using non-approved applications in their jobs.If you don’t know what to protect, then you cannot protect.

Creating an asset inventory is the first step of any cyber security management function. However due rapid digitization, cloud adoption, IoT adoption and agile disperse teams, 3rd party integrations etc cyber security organizations no longer have a control as well as visibility of assets. Several high profile breaches like that of NASA breach was caused due to Shadow IT. Other examples include British Airways, Marriott Data Breach, Equifax Breach …etc

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Not having real time view of your dynamic attack surface and the risks it is introducing, leaves an organization in the dark and serves as a low hanging fruit for attackers to use this exposed information to fuel their malicious attacks.

Report Includes:

  • Why Your Expanding Attack Surface Poses A Risk For Cyber Security?
  • Some Analyst Statistics
  • Key CISO Challenges
  • How Hackers Leverage Your Attack Surface (Few Examples)
  • Use Cases For Mapping & Securing Your Attack Surface
  • How To Address The Threat Created By Unknown Attack Surface

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