SMBetray - Backdooring and breaking signatures

When it comes to taking advantage of SMB connections, most tools available to penetration testers aim for system enumeration or for performing relay attacks to gain RCE. If signatures are required, or if the victims relayed are not local admins anywhere, that can put a real stint in leveraging SMB to gain any serious footholds in a network. Fortunately, the mentioned attacks are only the tip of the iceberg of the ways to gain RCE with insecure SMB connections – and there’s a new tool to help take full advantage of these opportunities.


William Martin, Security & Privacy Senior Associate

William Martin is a penetration tester & information security researcher with more than five years of experience in the Information Security Industry. William became an Offensive Security Certified Professional(OSCP) in November of 2015, and is currently a senior associate at RSM US LLP in the Security and Privacy practice with a focus on penetration testing and social engineering.


Detailed Presentation:

(Source: DEF CON 26)

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