This discourse explores the essentiality of cybersecurity fundamentals in both traditional IT spaces and the emerging landscape of Web 3.0. It underscores the importance of proactive threat intelligence and attribution methodologies while advocating for the operationalization and adaptability of smart contracts to effectively respond to security threats.



Here is the verbatim discussion:

Fundamentals now what person did who knows what all may happened in the end what they get away with also who knows they found this I believe through threat intelligence right through threat intelligence and threat hunting and why do I say that because they really had not a lot of information on how this happened uh without a lot of information how can you do attribution and they did strategy contracts are talking about you know understanding your fundamentals in the traditional it space doing that now in web 3 contracts need to be instrumented internal measurements need to be taken with relevant events being admitted internal State needs to be admitted right you need to make sure that you have visibility on that contract so monitoring can happen right something can be done speaking of something that can be done your contracts need to be operationalized now I can't say I'm the first person to to uh use that word but I can tell you that um you know word processors don't consider it a real word uh Google I don't believe consid it a real word it's just something that I think fits so contracts need to be able to take action I say operationalized operational parameters must be able to be changed right producing effect whereby the contract can deny some activity based on perceived threat blacklisting walls is a really good example now I believe.




Challenges in Cybercrime Attribution: Delving into a cybercrime scenario, the narrative underscores the difficulty of attribution without comprehensive threat intelligence and hunting efforts. The uncertainty surrounding the incident emphasizes the critical need for robust attribution methodologies to decipher the intricacies of cyber threats effectively.

Empowering Smart Contracts: Transitioning to the realm of Web 3.0, the discussion pivots towards the imperative for smart contracts to be instrumented with internal measurements and visibility. Highlighting the concept of operationalization, it stresses the importance of enabling contracts to take proactive action in response to perceived threats. Utilizing blacklisting laws as an illustrative example, it underscores the necessity for contracts to possess adaptive capabilities to deny unauthorized activities and mitigate potential security breaches.


This discourse advocates for a holistic approach to cybersecurity, encompassing both traditional IT practices and innovative strategies tailored for Web 3.0 environments. By embracing cybersecurity fundamentals, organizations can enhance their threat detection and attribution capabilities, while the operationalization of smart contracts empowers them to proactively mitigate risks and safeguard digital ecosystems. It emphasizes the ongoing evolution of cybersecurity paradigms and the imperative for organizations to adapt and innovate in response to emerging threats in the dynamic landscape of cyberspace.



Gregory Pickett is a renowned expert in the field of cybersecurity, currently serving as the Head of Cybersecurity. With extensive experience in identifying and mitigating security threats, Pickett is recognized for his deep understanding of both offensive and defensive cybersecurity strategies.

His leadership and insights have been instrumental in safeguarding digital assets and ensuring robust security protocols across various organizations.

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